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About The Experiment


According to the BBC The Experiment is an attempt to replicate elements of a 1971 US university study developed by Psychologist Philip Zimbardo in which students were "imprisoned" to study responses to solitude and oppression by volunteer "guards".  


News Articles about The Experiment


Guardian 5/15/02 The Experiment

Guardian 5/14/02 The prison of TV

Exeter University 5/10/02 The Experiment: Issues of ethics and science

Guardian 5/3/02 TV experiment reruns jail study

Guardian 4/19/02 Tried and tested

BBC 4/10/02 Concerns force edit of reality show

San Francisco Chronicle 1/28/02 BBC's 'reality' show may be cruel and unusual television

BBC 1/24/02 BBC denies aborting 'prison' reality show

Unlimited Magazine 1/15/02 The office chain gang cuts loose

Media Guardian 10/16/01 The experiment

Media Guardian 10/16/01 The dark side: studies that shocked

Stanford News 5/1/01 Psychologist puts the 'real' into reality TV

Stanford News 1/8/97 The Stanford Prison Experiment: Still powerful after all these years


Websites-The Experiment


BBC - Official Site

Exeter University Website

Philip G. Zimbardo Homepage

Reality TV Links - The Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment


The Psychologist that ran The Experiment


Alex Haslam




Books by Experiment creator Philip Zimbardo


The Shy Child  US Click here

The Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence  US Click here

Shyness : What It Is, What to Do About It  US Click Here



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