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This show is the story of seven friends, each with their own dream, working 24 hours a day, for one goal -- to make it big in the toughest town of all, Hollywood, CA. The entrepreneur, the rock star, the actor, the filmmaker, the club promoter, the record producer, and the musician each episode of Twentyfourseven chronicles this real-life group of friends to reveal their true ambitions, strengths, and faults. However, pitfalls lie along the way, and only they will be able to prove if the strength of seven is greater than one.


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Boston Globe 12/6/06 MTV wastes viewers' time with 'Twentyfourseven'

Newsday 12/6/06 A doofus version of 'Entourage'

Sun Sentinel 12/6/06 Entourage-like `dudes' bore with antics

Washington Post 12/6/06 'Twenty Four Seven' Has Zero to Offer All of the Time

NY Times 12/6/06 In Pursuit of Hot Women, Hard Living and Insane Fame

Celebrity Spider 11/9/06 MTV Announces New Series Twentyfourseven to Premiere December 6

Media Week 4/27/06 MTV Orders Up twentfourseven


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