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Hosted by rap artist Brooks Buford, this show will roll into a different trailer park each week to give one lucky young person a style makeover -- of not only his mobile home, but also his look. Buford will lead the design team, including famed designer Johnny Hardesty and tough-guy landscaper Gino Panaro, to transform the trailer into the crib dreams are made of, while stylist Erika Martin revamps our kid's wardrobe and personal style - and "re-fashions" the kid's family as well. The series is filled with tongue-in-cheek nods to the standard cliches of the home makeover genre; viewers will see the team's hilarious take on elements including the "looming deadline," spats between designers and builders, and "not so subtle" product placements throughout the series. With an ironic tone, the show lightly pokes fun at some of the other makeover series, while at the same time, paying homage to the highly successful format.


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News Articles about MTV Networks Trailer Fabulous


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