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Tracy Hughes-Wolf is a commercial and residential builder. She formerly worked as a fitness studio owner and did some acting and modeling.  currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband of 10 years, Phillip, and their children, Madison and Abigail. They have two Boston terriers, Elliot and Eleanor, and one hamster, Wesley. Her birth date is July 9, 1964.


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News Articles about Survivor Micronesia contestant Tracy Hughes-Wolf


Reality News Online 4/3/08 Survivor: Micronesia – Why Tracy Lost 3/28/08 Meltdown leads to double eviction

TV Guide 3/26/08 Ousted Survivors Tracy and Kathy Sound Off

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/25/08 Interview with Kathy and Tracy: "They wanted to be macho heroes"

Reality TV World 3/21/08 Tracy Hughes-Wolf talks about 'Survivor: Micronesia'

BuddyTV 3/20/08 Interview with Kathleen and Tracy from Survivor Micronesia

Survivor Fans Podcast 3/20/08 Interview with Tracy Hughes-Wolf and Kathleen Sleckman

Reality News Online 3/20/08 “I Wish the Fans Had Been More Strategic” – An Interview with Survivor: Micronesia’s Tracy

Reality TV World 3/20/08 Kathleen Sleckman and Tracy Hughes-Wolf exit 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/08 Survivor: Micronesia — Kathy Quits, Tracy Voted Out

Reality News Online 2/29/08 Survivor Episode 4 Best Fan and Least Fave – The Right and Wrong Ways to Manipulate

Times Dispatch 2/12/08 One Virginian 'survives,' Fairplay bites the dust 2/7/08 Local 'Survivor': Tracy Hughes-Wolf - How's she doing?

Free Lance Star 2/4/08 Tune in, see if area woman is 'Survivor'

Free Lance-Star 1/13/08 Local woman is a 'Survivor'

Richmond Times Dispatch 1/8/08 A Va. player and playah on 'Survivor'

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 CBS Announces 20 Castaways for Survivor: Micronesia - Fan vs Favorites

Entertainment Weekly 1/3/08 Jeff Probst Scouting Report - Tracey Hughes-Wolf


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