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The series is based on the premise of a "Tontine," an arrangement that allows a group of individuals to contribute to a common fund and awards the money to the person who remains in the "Tontine " the longest. At the start, each contestant will be given a special key that has the ability to unlock part of the $10 million fortune. Then, over the course of 100 days of mental and physical challenges, contestants will battle for possession of keys held by their fellow competitors. In the end, the one person who possesses all 15 keys wins the $10 million prize.


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McKinney Messenger 10/8/07 Melissa resident wins ‘Tontine’ video contest, may compete on show 9/13/07 Iowan would bet life savings to be on reality TV

Concord Monitor 8/29/07 5 questions for $10 million contestant

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Tontine Producers Reaffirm Support for Host Rob Mariano After Altercation

Minneapolis Star Tribune 8/18/07 Mariano won't unlock secret of where his new show will air

Bostonist 8/18/07 Boston Rob Shows Off Right Hook

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/07 Boston Rob In Fight With Tontine Applicant

OC Register 8/7/07 The Watcher: Rob Mariano unveils the highest-stakes reality show yet

Southwest City Journal 7/31/07 Hopefuls try out for new reality game show

Bostonist 7/23/07 Representing on Reality TV: Bostonist Visits the Tontine Auditions

Beaver County Times 7/3/07 Auditions to start for Rob's big show

Star Telegram 6/29/07 Mariano gets set for biggest challenge

Pegasus News 6/28/07 Casting for new reality show at Stonebriar Mall this weekend

Reality TV World 6/26/07 Interview: Rob Mariano talks about his new 'Tontine' reality show

NY Post 6/21/07 The $10 Million Game Show

Celebrity Spider 6/19/07 "Tontine" to Offer Largest Giveaway in Reality TV History

Reality TV Links 6/19/07 Casting Call - New Reality Show "Tontine" Hosted by "Boston Rob" Mariano

Reality TV World 6/19/07 Rob Mariano announces new $10 million 'Tontine' reality show


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