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On this show (produced by Endemol USA) Todd Santos, a California resident and waiter will be taped 24/7.  Viewers will be able to vote for all his major decisions.  He gets rewards if he elects to do whatever they voted for.

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News Articles about FX Networks Todd TV


Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/2/04 Todd TV: Tool TV

Boston Globe 2/4/04 A sense of power has her hooked on FX's 'Todd TV'

Slate 1/30/04 Choose Your Own Misadventure

Fans of Reality TV 1/29/04 Episode 2: Goat Milking Grumpiness

Milwaukee Journal 1/28/04 In reality, it's fine if no one is listening

Reality TV World 1/28/04 FX Network's 'Todd TV' tanks in debut, draws only 803,000 viewers

Zap2It 1/23/04 'Todd TV' Tanks as Viewers Need 'Newlyweds'

Fans Of Reality TV 1/23/04 Todd TV: 1/21 Episode - The Paperboy Monologues

Boston Globe 1/23/04 'Todd TV' is a 24/7 waste of time

Boston Globe 1/22/04 Todd TV' a new low in reality

Media Life 1/21/04 Todd turns his life over to America

USA Today 1/20/04 FX has a real project: Todd

Reality TV World 1/20/04 FX Network's real-life 'Ed TV'-like 'Todd TV' premiering January 21

USA Today 1/16/04 'Fiancé' and 'Todd' on board

Deseret News 1/10/04 'Todd TV' — without the Todd

Zap2It 12/11/03 'Todd TV' Turns a Life Over to Viewers

USA Today 11/29/03 Don't know Todd Santos? Stay tuned ...


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