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XFL - Extreme Football League


About the Birmingham Thunderbolts


The Birmingham Bolts are coached this season by Gary DiNardo and will play at Legion 

Field in Birmingham.


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News Articles about the Birmingham Thunderbolts


Alabama Live 7/1/01 Q & A with: Gerry DiNardo

Alabama Live 5/20/01 Readers sad, glad that Bolts are gone

Alabama Live 5/13/01 Bolts get nostalgic over XFL's demise

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Bolts cheerleader back to books, minus glittering game-day garb

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Bolts die with XFL after one season

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Don't mourn too long for Brand X league

Alabama Live 5/11/01 Boosters believe XFL good for city

Alabama Live 4/9/01 Hitmen force Bolts out with a whimper

Alabama Live 4/8/01 Pick your motivation: Money or future with Bolts

Alabama Live 4/2/01 Bolts Dashed hopes XFL playoff chances die amid breakdowns

CNN 4/1/01 Orlando strikes back to subdue Birmingham

Alabama Live 3/30/01 Leigh leaps into battle for battered Birmingham

Alabama Live 3/29/01 XFL says league will return to Birmingham

Alabama Live 3/28/01 Clinton jokes won't go away, but XFL will

Alabama Live 3/25/01 Bolts hope helpful weather ensures critical victory

Alabama Live 3/20/01 Bolts top list as city's lousiest pro football team

Alabama Live 3/19/01 Red zone is twilight zone for hapless Bolts

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/19/01 Outlaws' progress satisfying to Criner

Alabama Live 3/18/01 Barker pounded in starting debut

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/18/01 Quarterback Clement, solid defense lead XFL team to easy victory

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/18/01 Defense shuts down Thunderbolts

La Vegas Review Journal 3/17/01 Outlaws hope for Smart play today

Alabama Live 3/16/01 Barker to roll dice against XFL's top defense in Vegas

Birmingham Business Journal 3/15/01 XFL scores high TV ratings in Birmingham

Alabama Live 3/15/01 Barker possibly stepping into national TV spotlight

Alabama Live 3/15/01 Is there a future for Brand X football?

Alabama Live 3/13/01 Bolts turn to backups as Weldon sidelined for year

CNN 3/12/01 McCullough's 124 yards, two TDs carry L.A.

Alabama Live 3/12/01 Weldon hurt as Bolts fall to Xtreme

Alabama Live 3/11/01 Former Vol aims to mop up against Bolts

Bergen Record 3/11/01 Schroeder bolts for XFL

CNN 3/4/01 New QB leads Demons to rout of Thunderbolts

Alabama Live 3/4/01 Worst of Bolts vs. San Francisco

Alabama Live 3/2/01 Bolts feel crunch of recession

Alabama Live 2/26/01 Barker stays benched as offense stalls in loss

CNN 2/25/01 Orlando dominates Birmingham to stay unbeaten 2/25/01 Rage 30, Thunderbolts 6


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