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On this show hopeful actresses are put through a Hollywood boot camp that tests their skills in a variety of ways.  The winner of the competition gets a management deal and a one-shot guest role on "One Tree Hill," the WB's teen drama.  Faye Dunaway is one of the judges on the show.

News Articles about WB Networks The Starlet


Reality News Online 4/7/05 The Starlet Finale: Your Name in Lights

Reality Shack 4/7/05 "You Are The Starlet!" The Starlet - Series Finale

Fans of Reality TV 4/6/05 "When You Wish Upon a Starlet"

Reality News Online 4/6/05 The Starlet, Episode 5: Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight!

Entertainment Weekly 4/4/05 The Starlet

Fans Of Reality TV 4/1/05 Episode 5 (3/29) Recap: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Sioux City Journal 4/1/05 Dunaway leads WB's ‘Starlet' search

Reality Shack 3/30/05 "Weep No More My Lady! Please!" The Starlet, Episode 5

NY Times 3/29/05 So You Want to Be a Starlet? Meet the Voice of Experience

Union Tribune 3/28/05 Role with the punches

Fans of Reality TV 3/24/05 "I'm an Outcast and I'm OK!"

Reality News Online 3/25/05 The Starlet, Episode 4: High School Drama

Reality Shack 3/23/05 "I'm not your #*@%! Friend. I'm the #*@%! Starlet!" - The Starlet, Episode 4

TVRules 3/22/05 The Starlet: Episode 4 3/22/05

Reality News Online 3/18/05 The Starlet, Episode 3: The Perils of Product Placement

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/05 Bummin' at the Beach

Reality Shack 3/17/05 Donna, The Prima Dona – The Starlet, Episode 3

City Pages 3/16/05 When You Wish Upon a Starlet

Reality TV World 3/15/05 The WB moves 'The Starlet' back to Tuesdays following horrific Sunday debut ratings 3/14/05 The Starlet

Reality Shack 3/10/05 Attack of Courtney The Crack Monkey! - The Starlet, Episode 2

Reality News Online 3/10/05 The Starlet, Episode 2: Butch Courtney and the Lipstick Lesbian 3/10/05 'Starlet' kisses smack of exploitation

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/05 Attack of the Crack Monkey 3/9/05 3.8.05: 2nd episode of 'The Starlet'


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