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The opportunity of a lifetime is about to come true for one of America's best and brightest high school students in an original, new, one-hour unscripted series that will send the winner to a top-rated university, all expenses paid. Filmed on location at the University of Southern California, "The Scholar" will be the first show ever to celebrate higher education as the ultimate American prize.


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News Articles about ABC Networks The Scholar


Harvard Independent 9/12/05 Scholar-ly Competition

Reality News Online 9/9/05 Not a One Trick Pony: An Interview with The Scholar's Milana

Columbia Daily 9/7/05 Columbia Garners TV Spotlight in ABC’s The Scholar

Reality News Online 9/6/05 "I Think of the Admission Process as a Song and Dance" - An Interview with The Scholar's Jaye Pace

Reality News Online, 8/30/05 Avoiding the Drama: An Interview with The Scholar's Amari

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/05 Academic Snobbery and Social Responsibility

Reality TV World 7/24/05 The Scholar - Finale Episode summary

Reality News Online 7/22/05 The Scholar, Episode 6: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

KTVB 7/20/05 Buhl grad doesn't win top prize in reality show, The Scholar

Reality Reel 7/19/05 A Scholar Is Determined As The Final Five Duke It Out

Reality TV Magazine 7/18/05 The Scholar Winner is Melissa

Reality TV World 7/18/05 The Scholar - Episode 5 summary

Reality Reel 7/18/05 The Scholar Concludes Tonight, July 18th, With The Final Showdown

Reality TV Talk 7/17/05 The Scholar Ep.4 The Scholar Ep 4 "To Be or Not To Be....that is the question"

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/05 Captain Cocky's Adventures in Time Travel

Reality News Online 7/13/05 The Scholar, Episode 5: Pros & Cons

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 12th

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/05 What a Difference a Century Makes: Episode 5 Recap

Reality Reel 7/12/05 The Six Remaining Scholars Work Harder Than Ever For The Final Spot 

Reality TV World 7/11/05 The Scholar - Episode 4 summary

North Texas e-News 7/7/05 Taylor on reality TV show and in A&M-C musical

The Dartmouth 7/5/05 '09 stars on reality TV show 'The Scholar'

Reality Reel 7/1/05 Six Scholar Contestants Vie For The Last Reaming Position In The Final Round

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/1/05 Chasing Liz


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