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On this show, strangers are thrown together to form two teams of two who compete against each other by filling in missing answers on a particular list and using knowledge and strategy to try to win limitless amounts of money. Contestants bid upwards against each other while predicting how many examples of a particular subject they will be able to list. If a team fails to list as many answers as they predicted, the other team wins the round. The winners of the best of three lists move on to play “The Rich List,” a new game of list-making where increasing amounts of money are up for grabs; however, make a single mistake and they lose it all.


News Articles about FOX Networks The Rich List


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Orlando Sentinel 11/4/06 "Happy Hour," "Rich List" kaput

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Celebrity Spider 11/1/06 Preview Clips for Premiere Episode of "The Rich List"

Houston Chronicle 10/31/06 New game show has the patina of newly minted money

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 Fox Announces Premiere of "The Rich List" November 1st

Celebrity Spider 9/1/06 FOX Announces New Game Show "The Rich List"

Zap2It 8/31/06 FOX Puts Game Show on To-Do 'List'

Reality TV Links 9/1/06 Casting Call - The Rich List Game Show on FOX

Zap2It 8/31/06 FOX Puts Game Show on To-Do 'List'


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