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This show follows Sarah Tomkin, who has everything a fancy girl could want in life: her own imprint at HarperCollins’ children’s division; a big brownstone in Hoboken; a young, energetic and only slightly terrified assistant, Buddy (Michael Arden); and a perfect, no-strings-attached relationship with successful businessman Marcus Sonti (Scott Cohen). So when Sarah’s parents, Ronald (Ron McClarty) and Talia, remind her that her life is not complete, at first she’s irritated – and then she decides, why not have a baby? But a trip to the doctor brings the disheartening news that Sarah can’t conceive. Determined to find a way around this problem, Sarah turns to the most unlikely choice for help: her unfocused younger sister Coco, whose imaginary childhood friend Jezebel James has inspired Sarah’s latest book. The mismatched sisters move in together when a reluctant Coco agrees to carry Sarah’s baby.


News Articles about FOX Networks The Return of Jezebel James


LA Times 3/24/08 The death of 'Jezebel James'

Celebrity Spider 3/22/08 Coco Gets a Job Next Week on "The Return of Jezebel James"

Orlando Sentinel 3/21/08 Jezebel, you're no Gilmore

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 Sarah is Determined to Sign a New Author Friday on The Return of Jezebel James
Toronto Star 3/15/08 Plenty of talent in TV stinker The Return of Jezebel James

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 Preview for Tonight's Season Premiere of "The Return of Jezebel James"

Washington Post 3/14/08 'Jezebel James': A Weak Sister

Baltimore Sun 3/14/08 'Jezebel James' isn't fertile ground for laughs

Home News Tribune 3/14/08 "Jezebel James" is horrible

IGN 3/14/08 The Return of Jezebel James: "Pilot" Review

Contra Costa Times 3/14/08 No happy returns for 'Jezebel James'

Toledo Blade 3/14/08 Look fast, sitcom fans: Poorly written 'Jezebel James' isn't likely to last long

LA Times 3/14/08 'The Return of Jezebel James'

Boston Globe 3/14/08 This 'Jezebel' is a mess

Orlando Sentinel 3/14/08 Beware of the 'Jezebel'

NY Post 3/14/08 Female Bonding Put To Test In 'Jezebel'

South Coast Today 3/14/08 'Jezebel' sitcom sends sisters into mean-spirited collision

NY Times 3/14/08 You’re Having My Baby: Two Bickering Sisters, United by Pregnancy

Post Gazette 3/14/08 Tuned In: 'Gilmore Girls' creator's 'Return' is a disappointing go-round

USA Today 3/14/08 Shameless 'Jezebel' is biblically bad

TV Guide 3/14/08 Indie Queen Parker Posey Previews Jezebel James

Courier Journal 3/14/08 'Jezebel James' is proof that sitcoms are in need of great ideas

Hartford Courant 3/14/08 'Return Of Jezebel James' Begins What Looks Like A Short Run On Fox

Detroit News 3/14/08 'Jezebel' is tough to watch

Uncle Barky 3/13/08 New series review: The Return of Jezebel James (Fox)


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