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This show will chronicle the preparation and opening of a Manhattan restaurant owned by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.  Mark Burnett will be one of the executive producers for the show.  You can make a reservation at The Restaurant at 212-353-0500.

News Articles about NBC Networks The Restaurant


Reality TV Fans 10/2/12 The Talk – Rocco DiSpirito’s Low-Cal Italian

Reality TV Fans 4/14/11 Bravo Announces Summer Show “Rocco’s Dinner Party”

Reality TV World 3/10/08 Ex-'Restaurant' star Rocco DiSpirito returning in 'Rocco to the Rescue'

Celebrity Spider 1/30/08 The Restaurant's Rocco DiSpirito Guest Stars Next Week on "The Biggest Loser"

Reality TV World 7/27/06 Former 'The Restaurant' star Rocco DiSpirito re-entering reality TV

Big News 9/30/04 Reality TV chef no longer cooking

NY Times 9/29/04 Rocco DiSpirito Is Out at Union Pacific

Reality TV World 9/21/04 'The Restaurant' no more -- Jeffrey Chodorow closes Rocco's on 22nd Street

Reality News Online 7/29/04 Rocco’s Currently a Rocco-Free Zone

Reality TV World 7/28/04 Rocco DiSpirito barred from 'The Restaurant,' as format change planned

Zap2It 7/28/04 Rocco's Restaurant May Go Dark

Reality TV World 7/27/04 NY courts begin Rocco DiSpirito's 'The Restaurant' ownership hearings

Reality TV World 7/16/04 Rocco's 'Restaurant' battles continue, as Jeffrey Chodorow takes on Mama DiSpirito

Reality TV World 6/11/04 DiSpirito & Jeffrey Chodorow resume fighting & suing over 'The Restaurant'

Reality News Online 6/9/04 The Restaurant, Season 2, Episode 6: Blaze of Glory

The Trades 6/7/04 The Restaurant - Episode 2-6

Fans of Reality TV 6/7/04 The Fires of Pending Litigation (finale recap)

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/04 The Restaurant: Not A Great Dish, Served Hot or Cold

Reality TV Calendar 6/6/04 The Restaurant Finale - Whimpering Out

Reality Reel 6/5/04 Jeffery Gives The Head Chef A Raise But Rocco Fires Him - Get It Together!

The Trades 6/3/04 The Restaurant - Episode 2-5

Fans Of Reality TV 6/2/04 The Restaurant 2: Episode 5 recap: "Pink-Slipped and Booby-Trapped"

The Trades 6/1/04 The Restaurant - Episode 2-4

Fans Of Reality TV 5/31/04 Episode 4 recap: "Liar Liar Stove on Fire"

Reality News Online 6/1/04 The Restaurant, Season 2, Episode 5: Tony in the Middle


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