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This series, filled with humor and some universally relatable family issues, uncovers the comedy that inevitably arises when a pair of free-wheeling adult brothers live at home with their mother and stepfather. The difference here is that their home is a luxurious 22-acre compound by the sea, and their stepfather happens to be legendary musician, arranger and producer David Foster. Brothers Brandon and Brody Jenner, sons of Olympian Bruce Jenner and songwriter Linda Thompson, who’s now married to Foster, are driving their step-dad to distraction. While Foster is hard at work, the boys, along with their friend Spencer Pratt, are working hard at spending his money – running up tabs at expensive restaurants and partying day and night. Foster is finally putting his foot down. He wants Brandon and Brody to grow up and get out.


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News Articles about FOX Networks The Princes of Malibu


Extra 10/8/07 Did Jessica Simpson Snub Brody Jenner?

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Brody Jennifer in Agony After Hand Injury

TMZ 8/3/07 Brody: The Pick Up Kid

Teen People 2/20/07 Brody Jenner Tried to Get Nicole Richie to Eat

TMZ 2/20/07 Brody Jenner: The Male Paris Hilton

TMZ 2/5/07 Brody's Fast Break from "Idiot" Friend

TV Robot 10/4/06 Princes of Malibu—More Spoiled Brats, Nothing New about That

Reality News Online 8/22/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 6: A Concert for Canadians

Reality News Online 8/16/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 5: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Sold

Reality News Online 8/9/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 4: Invasion of the Elvis Impersonators

Reality News Online 8/2/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 3: No Cook? No Maid? No Problem

Happycrumb 7/28/05 FOX The Princes of Malibu officially Benched…

Reality Reel 7/28/05 "The Princes Of Malibu" Moves To FOX Reality Starting July 31st

Happycrumb 7/25/05 The Princes of Malibu - Spencer Pratt executive producer? Poor parenting and spoiled kids widespread?

Happycrumb 7/24/05 The Princes of Malibu: Linda Thompson files for Divorce from David Foster

Reality TV World 7/22/05 'Princes of Malibu' couple David Foster and Linda Thompson divorcing

Celebrity Spider 7/20/05 Celine Dion to Appear on The Princes of Malibu July 31st

TVRules 7/20/05 Princes Of Malibu: Episode 3 Preview 7/24/05

Fans of Reality TV 7/19/05 This Show Must Go On?

Jam! 7/19/05 Dion to guest on 'Princes of Malibu'

Reality Shack 7/18/05 "Where the Flute is My Popcorn Machine?" - Princes of Malibu, Episode 2

Reality News Online 7/18/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 2: Lights Out in Malibu

Celebrity Spider 7/16/05 The Princes of Malibu Preview Clips for July 17th

Fans of Reality TV 7/11/05 Fame is Not Sexually Transmitted

Reality Shack 7/11/05 "How Am I Supposed To Live Paying $10,000 A Month?" - Princes of Malibu, Episode 1

Reality News Online 7/11/05 The Princes of Malibu, Episode 1: Working at the Car Wash Blues

Jam! 7/10/05 Out of Foster care

Washington Post 7/9/05 Fox's 'Princes': Money Can't Buy You Brains

Celebrity Spider 7/7/05 Princes of Malibu Preview Clips for July 10th

Hollywood Reporter 7/7/05 The Princes of Malibu

NY Daily News 7/7/05 The young & the listless

Reality News Online 7/5/05 The Princes of Malibu Preview

Wireless Flash News Service 7/4/05 Malibu Prince Promises No Hidden Videotapes

Wireless Flash News Service 6/21/05 Linda Thompson: `Blended Families Have Lots Of Lumps'

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 FOX Announces The Princes of Malibu Premiere July 10th

Wireless Flash News Service 6/13/05 Malibu Family Faces Reality In A Foxy Manner

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 Brandon and Brody Jenner Fight For Their Right to Party on The Princess of Malibu

Reality TV World 5/16/05 Fox to air three summer reality series, plus the return of 'Renovate My Family'

Celebrity Spider 1/18/05 David Foster Opens His Home and Family Life in New Fox Series


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