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This show follows a Miami model, Dawn and her two girlfriends for eight weeks as 13 self-described "players" compete against each other for her affection.


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Quad City Times 8/16/04 Dose of reality boosts Q-C native’s modeling career

St Petersburg Times 8/16/04 In reality, she's the game player

TVRules 8/14/04 The Player: Jason & Kyle Eliminated 8/11

TVRules 8/5/04 The Player: Episode One Elimination 8/3

Reality TV World 8/4/04 UPN moves 'The Player' to Wednesdays after 'Amish In The City'

Zap2It 8/4/04 UPN Pairs 'Player' with 'Amish'

NY Times 8/3/04 A Race to Be First to Break Someone's Heart, but It's Only a Game

Hartford Courant 8/3/04 Hip Cast, Hot Site For `Player'

Media Life 8/3/04 'The Player,' UPN's urban 'Dating Game'

Detroit Free Press 8/3/04 'The Player' offers diversity -- and a lot of stupidity

Chicago Sun Times 8/3/04 It's always dorkiest before this Dawn

NY Daily News 8/3/04 This 'Player' is a big loser

Reality TV World 8/2/04 UPN's 'The Player' reality dating show to premiere August 3

Hollywood Reporter 8/2/04 The Player 7/25/04 TV faces roman reality's color line

Zap2It 7/13/04 UPN Doesn't Hate 'The Player'


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