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About The Next Best Thing: Who is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?


In each episode, a panel of popular well known judges -- comedians Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Ann Walter and Elon Gold -- will use their razor sharp wit and comedic skills as they evaluate, critique and sometimes skewer celebrity impersonators based on how much they look, sound and act like the celebrity they're impersonating. The judges will determine who will go on to compete in the next round of auditions, while America will vote for the final winning impersonator through a viewer voting system. The winner will receive a grand prize of $100,000. Michele Merkin hosts the show.


News Articles about ABC Networks The Next Best Thing


Celebrity Spider 7/27/07 "Heartbreak Elvis" is The Next Best Thing Winner

TV Robot 7/27/07 Mock Red Carpet Results

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/07 The "Heartbreak" of $100,000: Finale Recap

Omaha World-Herald 7/26/07 Ex-Omahan's Sinatra loses out to Elvis

Reality News Online 7/24/07 The Next Best Thing, Episode 7: The Finals

The Simon 7/23/07 Auditioning for "The Next Best Thing": A Life Lesson While Imitating Someone Else's Life

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/07 Best of the Next Best Thing: Episode 6 Recap

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 The Next Best Thing Winner to be Announced Wednesday July 25

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Top Ten Celebrity Impersonator Finalists Named for "The Next Best Thing"

TV Robot 7/14/07 Second Five Fantastic Finalists

Reality News Online 7/13/07 The Next Best Thing, Episode 6: The Final 10 Is Set

Reality News Online 7/11/07 The Next Best Thing, June 27: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 14 Semi-Finalist Compete Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/07 Leaving Us With a Very Good Impression: Episode 5 Recap

TV Robot 7/1/07 Now How Did SHE Make it to the Semi-finals?!

Reality News Online 6/27/07 The Next Best Thing, Episode 4: Viva Las Vegas!

Orlando Sentinel 6/26/07 You'll see more of Orlando's W. impersonator on Wednesday's "Next Best Thing"

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Fourteen Semi-Finalists Compete Next Week on The Next Best Thing

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/07 Las Vegas Contestants Gamble on Fame: Episode 4 Recap

TV Robot 6/21/07 Viewers Voice Complaints about “The Next Best Thing”

TV Robot 6/21/07 Viva la Vegas Loca

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/07 The Not-So-Magic Kingdom: Episode 3 Recap

TV Robot 6/15/07 Bring on the Boobs

The Tribune 6/14/07 The Next Best Thing really is; New program offers the best of popular culture

Orlando Sentinel 6/13/07 Orlando man wows "Next Best Thing" with W. impersonation

Huntington Herald 6/13/07 Shelton comic vies to be 'The Next Best Thing'

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/07 The Big Apple Is Full Of Worms: Episode 2 Recap

TV Robot 6/8/07 So Where’s the Paris Hilton with the Medical Condition?

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 Las Vegas Auditions are Featured Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

ABC 6/6/07 Local Rocky Impersonator on The Next Best Thing

Reality News Online 6/4/07 The Next Best Thing, Episode 1: Making a Lasting Impression

Celebrity Spider 5/31/07 New York Auditions Featured Next Week on "The Next Best Thing"

TV Robot 5/31/07 Some Way Better than Next Best

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/07 Who Do You Think You Are? Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 5/30/07 The Next Best Thing – A Preview

Orlando Sentinel 5/30/07 Is this Orlando man 'The Next Best Thing'?

Courier Journal 5/30/07 'Impersonator' lives up to reality TV's copycat reputation

Tampa Tribune 5/29/07 Cash Impersonator Hopes To Walk The Line To TV Success

TV Robot 5/23/07 Hopefully not the Second Best Thing

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 ABC Announces "The Next Best Thing" to Premiere May 30

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Michelle Merkin Announced to Host "The Next Best Thing" on ABC

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Celebrity Judges Announced for "The Next Best Thing" on ABC

TMZ 3/25/07 Dead Ringers

Reality TV Links 2/15/07 Casting Call - Major Network Series Looking for Celebrity Impersonator


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