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About The Littlest Groom

On this show, a two part special a four foot five inch "Little Person" Glen will meet and date a dozen little women in search of a perfect partner.  In an Average Joe type twist after he eliminates some of the little women, taller women are brought in to compete for his affection as well.

News Articles about FOX Networks The Littlest Groom


Newsday 3/31/04 The big deal about 'Littlest Groom'

Fans Of Reality TV 2/25/04 Littlest Groom Finale Recap: Fuzzy Nipples, Fuzzy Feelings, and Pimpin'

Reality News Online 2/24/04 The Littlest Groom, Episode 2: Race to the Altar?

Beacon Journal 2/23/04 Little person pans `Littlest Groom'

Hollywood Reporter 2/18/04 The Littlest Groom

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/04 Episode 1: 53 Semi-Suckless Minutes

Tufts Daily 2/18/04 Reality TV reaches a new low

NY Daily News 2/18/04 It's the height of cruelty

Dallas Morning News 2/17/04 Review: Stupid idea plus good behavior equals boring 'Groom'

Reality TV World 2/17/04 'The Littlest Groom' struggles in premiere, draws only 7.5 million viewers

The Trades 2/17/04 The Littlest Groom Episode 1 - Fox's Short-Sighted Reality TV Low

Reality News Online 2/17/04 The Littlest Groom, Episode 1: So Many Women, So Little Time

TBO 2/16/04 Fox Puts Spotlight On Little People In Reality Series `The Littlest Groom'

Newsday 2/16/04 Controversial 'Littlest Groom' Set for Debut

Chicago Sun-Times 2/16/04 'Littlest Groom' shows Fox's bar not too high

NY Times 2/14/04 Size Matters in Fox's 'Littlest Groom'

Reality News Online 2/13/04 The Littlest Groom: A Preview from a Reluctant Recapper

NY Daily News 2/12/04 He puts 'mini' in series

Hartford Courant 2/12/04 Short People Have Stature

TVRules 2/10/04 The Littlest Groom: Preview 2/16

This Is London 2/11/04 Now it's dwarf date

Milwaukee Journal 2/4/04 In reality, it's a small world at Fox

CNN 1/30/04 Dwarf-date show sparks controversy

BBC 1/30/04 Dwarf group head supports TV show

NY Daily News 1/29/04 Li'l People say 'Groom' slights 'em

Reality TV World 1/28/04 FOX to air 'The Littlest Groom' reality miniseries on February 16 & 23

NY Daily News 1/28/04 Fox thinks small

Zap2It 1/27/04 FOX Thinks Small for New Reality Series

TVRules 1/27/04 The Littlest Groom Coming To Fox This February

TV Barn 1/27/04 Fox PR: "The Littlest Groom"


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