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This is an eight-episode alternative drama series from multiple Emmy Award-winning producer David E. Kelley that features real lawyers competing against each other while trying actual court cases with in front of real judges and juries -- resulting in outcomes that are final, legal and binding for the parties.  As managing partner, Roy Black will decide which of the 12 "legal eagles" will be eliminated in each episode. Smart, strong-willed and fiercely competitive, the attorneys work together in different teams each week, battling tight deadlines, intense pressure and even each other as they strategize, prepare and try their cases. The compelling cases include First Amendment issues, wrongful death cases and neighbor disputes, among others. Distinguished judges will decide some of the cases, while a jury determines the others.


News Articles about NBC Networks The Law Firm


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Reality News Online 10/3/05 The Law Firm, Episode 6: Bang, Bang, She Shot Him Down

Reality News Online 9/24/05 The Law Firm, Episode 5: A Horse of a Different Color

Reality News Online 9/19/05 The Law Firm, Episode 4: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Reality News Online 9/15/05 The Law Firm, Episode 3: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lee Davis?

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Bravo Presents the Complete Season of The Law Firm

Reality TV World 8/9/05 NBC pulls 'The Law Firm', remaining episodes to air on Bravo

Zap2It 8/9/05 NBC Sentences 'Law Firm' to Cable

Reality News Online 8/8/05 The Law Firm, Episode 2: Then the Dominatrix Said, "Eat Me"

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Reality TV Calendar 8/6/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 6th

Always Reality Television 8/6/05 8/4 Recap - Terrorists can Eat Me

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/05 The Terrorist And The Dominatrix: Episode 2 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 8/2/05 The Case of the Three-Legged Coroner

Reality News Online 8/1/05 The Law Firm, Episode 1: And Dingo Was His Name-o

Reality TV Calendar 7/30/05 Dingo And The Coroner: Episode 1 Recap

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/05 NBC's 'Law Firm' soft in Thurs. debut

Happycrumb 7/29/05 NBC: The Law Firm Season Premiere Episode 1 was Lacking

Reality Shack 7/29/05 Dog Daze in the Courtroom - The Law Firm, Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 29th

WCNC 7/29/05 "The Law Firm" premieres featuring The People vs. Dingo

Reality TV Magazine 7/29/05 Two Eliminated From The Law Firm

Courier Journal 7/28/05 Kelley's 'The Law Firm' is a cut above other reality shows


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