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On this show twenty former cast members of Real World and Road Rules compete in Acapulco, Mexico for over $300,000 in cash and prizes.  A variety of challenges will eliminate  the contestants throughout the series in an Inferno event designed to test physical and mental abilities.  BMX'er Dave Mirra will host. The second version will be filmed in Manzanillo, Mexico.


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andPOP 7/9/07 Real World: Denver's Jenn Returns to MTV for Inferno 3 7/4/07 Good Guys Finish Last

Inside Pulse 6/27/07 MTV Mix - Volume 39 - "The Inferno 3 Challenge Remix Edition" 6/26/07 Friends First 6/19/07 Reel Big Fish 6/12/07 It's Electrifying 6/6/07 John Outsmarts Them All 5/29/07 Whore Math 101 5/23/07 Class Act 5/16/07 DQ Queen

Inside Pulse 5/11/07 Ask Tyler: Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3 - A Double-Dose of Debauchery 5/9/07 Spit Don't Swallow 5/2/07 Don't Wake Up Little Susie 4/24/07 Mission Impossible 4/17/07 Fair as a Square 4/10/07 A Night To Forget

Reality Steve 8/5/05 An Interview with Katie Doyle from the upcoming "Gauntlet 2"

Reality TV Links 7/28/05 Casting Call - Real World - Road Rules Challenge

Reality Reel 7/19/05 Interview With Tina Barta From MTV's Road Rules & Real World / Road Rules Challenge

Reality Reel 6/28/05 The Cast From The Inferno II Returns To Confess All

TVRules 6/22/05 Inferno II Finale Summary: ''You Guys Just Won the Final Challenge''

Reality News Online 6/22/05 The Inferno 2, Episode 16 - The Weight of the World On Your Shoulders 6/21/05 - Inferno 2 Finale: Montezuma's Revenge

TVRules 6/16/05 Inferno II Episode 15: ''I Don't Need to Fit In''

Reality News Online 6/15/05 Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 2, Episode 15 - You Spin Me Right Round 6/14/05 Last Girl Inferno


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