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Like most families that settle inside The Gates, the Monohans are unmoored from a complicated life they abandoned in Chicago. Named the new police chief of The Gates, Nick Monahan is expecting a change of pace in this quiet suburb. His wife, Sarah, and their children, Charlie and Dana, are embarking on new adventures as well. Their house is to die for, but despite the excitement, Sarah is still burdened with the revelation that her husband may not be the man she thought he was. And Charlie and Dana will face some challenges of their own: Along with navigating the trials and tribulations of adolescence, they'll face the daunting task of fitting into their new upscale school where their new friends run in tight knit packs.


News Articles about ABC Networks The Gates


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Digital Spy 7/20/10 'Gates' stars deny 'Housewives' comparison

Scripted TV Fans 7/17/10 Frank Finds and Unlikely Ally in a Neighbor Tonight on “The Gates”

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NY Post 7/2/10 'Gates' star says: I don't hate Robert Pattinson

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TV Guide 6/24/10 Gates Star: Next Episode Will Be "More Dark and Intense"

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Zap2It 6/20/10 'The Gates' premiere: Don't be afraid to enter [Video]

Uncle Barky 6/18/10 ABC tries to reinvigorate summertime Sundays with new/noteworthy The Gates and Scoundrels

TV Guide 6/18/10 The Gates Is Not the Next True Blood — And It's Not Trying to Be

Chicago Tribune 6/17/10 ABC bites into the vampire trend with 'The Gates'

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Macon Telegraph 6/7/10 Extended Macon family awaits young star’s appearance on “The Gates”


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