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On this show ten members of a middle-class family from the New York and New Jersey suburbs will be dropped into a luxurious mansion where they will compete for a $1 million prize.  Members of the staff will get to select which contestants will continue in the game and who gets voted out.  The losing players will continue to live in the mansion to watch the others continue playing for the $1 million prize.

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News Articles about ABC Networks The Family show


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Reality News Online 8/29/03 The Family, Episode 7: Itís in the Bag 8/29/03 Fine, Get Yourself Eliminated!!

Fans Of Reality TV 8/24/03 The Family: The Fast & The Furious - Week 6 Recap

TVRules 8/23/03 The Family: 8-20 Summary How Dare You!

TVRules 8/23/03 Season Finale Of The Family Preview 9/10

Reality News Online 8/23/03 The Family, Episode 6: Thatís What Friends Are For 8/22/03 - Who do you trust?

TVRules 8/19/03 The Family Preview 10/3

Seattle PI 8/18/03 'Family' fussbudget: Seattle's Ringo Allen

Fans Of Reality TV 8/15/03 The Family: Machete And Meatballs - Week 5 Recap

TVRules 8/14/03 The Family: The Ship Is Sinking

Reality News Online 8/14/03 The Family, Episode 5: Iíd Like to Use a Lifeline, Please


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