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On this show ten performers including vocalists, illusionists and comedians compete for the title of  "The Entertainer" with the winner getting a role in Wayne Newton's show.  Wayne Newton is the sole judge on the show as the performers are put through a series of talent tests.
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News Articles about E! Networks The Entertainer


Las Vegas Sun 10/30/05 With time, Delisco should be the real deal

Reality TV World 4/7/05 E! 'Entertainer' star Wayne Newton to leave Las Vegas' Stardust casino

Fans of Reality TV 4/6/05 All Good (And Bad) Things Must Come to An End

Reality News Online 4/4/05 The Entertainer, Episode 10: For One, the Party Has Just Begun

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/05 You Can't Fire Me, I Quit!

Reality News Online 3/29/05 The Entertainer, Episode 9: (Bad) Advice for the Remaining 5

Fans of Reality TV 3/21/05 I Love Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Reality News Online 3/21/05 The Entertainer Episode 8: Entertaining the Troops

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/15/05 Punk'd Ala Wayne Newton

Reality News Online 3/15/05 The Entertainer, Episode 7: My Big Fat Obnoxious Audience

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/05 Hey Mister, Can You Spare A Dime, Or $20?

Reality News Online 3/8/05 The Entertainer, Episode 6: Learn to Play it Right

Review Journal 2/27/05 'Entertainer' may be on wrong track

Fans of Reality TV 2/22/05 Commercialism At Its Best

Reality News Online 2/22/05 The Entertainer, Episode 5: Commercial Possibilities

Chicago Sun Times 2/20/05 What happens in Vegas will make or break 'The Entertainer'

Fans of Reality TV 2/15/05 Killer Lounge Acts

Reality News Online 2/15/05 The Entertainer, Episode 4: The Battle of the Lounge Acts

Boston Globe 2/11/05 From Malden to Vegas: A Wayne Newton tryout

Fans of Reality TV 2/8/05 Do You Believe in Magic?

Reality News Online 2/8/05 The Entertainer, Episode 3: Not Quite the Stars of the Show

Fans of Reality TV 2/1/05 Welcome To Wayne's World

Reality News Online 2/1/05 The Entertainer, Episode 2: A Day in the Life of the Concierge

Fans of Reality TV 1/25/05 The Power Of The Boa

Reality News Online 1/24/05 The Entertainer, Episode 1: Welcome to Wayne's World

Journal Now 1/23/05 Shot at Stardom: Newton's show will give performers a stage


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