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A documentary series set inside the New York Daily News, "The Daily News" is like visiting a tornado. Everyday is a deadline ? 365 days a year! Each episode of "The Daily News" follows 4 - 5 characters, the journalists of the New York Daily News, as they track and pursue New York City's most exciting stories.


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Salt Lake Tribune 5/2/05 A newspaper reality series? I'm glad NYC scooped us

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Daily News"

USA Today 4/27/05 Bravo to track 'New York Daily News' staffers

Zap2It 4/27/05 Bravo Breaks 'News,' 'Bobby Brown'

Celebrity Spider 4/26/05 Bravo and Hearst Entertainment Team Up for "The Daily News Series"

NY Daily News 4/26/05 Bravo! News to star on TV


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