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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White serves up a new original cooking competition series "The Chopping Block," in which the British Michelin star chef offers neophyte hopeful chefs/restaurateurs working in eight couples a chance to compete in America's greatest restaurant challenge. "The Chopping Block" will expose the unseen pitfalls and behind-the-scenes madness that goes into opening a restaurant –with the help of a grand prize of $250,000. The controversial and unpredictable White represents their best chance at obtaining their dreams, as he is one of the world's most notable chefs and restaurateurs and they will all be under his critical eye.

News Articles about NBC Networks The Chopping Block

Reality News Online 7/27/09 The Chopping Block Finale: A Long Time Coming

Reality TV Fans 7/24/09 The Final Two Couples Battle It Out on Tonight’s Finale of The Chopping Block
Reality News Online 7/20/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 7: But Is It Art?
Reality TV Fans 7/17/09 Teams Cater an Event a Museum Tonight on The Chopping Block

Reality News Online 7/13/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 6: A Simple Plan
Reality TV Fans 7/10/09 The Final Three Teams Try to Recreate Marco’s Dish Tonight on The Chopping Block

Reality News Online 7/6/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 5: Think of the Starving Children

Reality TV Fans 6/26/09 Vincent Pastore & Federico Castelliccio Guest Star Tonight on The Chopping Block
Reality News Online 6/22/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 4: Cooking a Lame Duck

Reality TV Fans 6/19/09 The Chopping Block Returns Tonight to NBC

Hollywood Reporter 3/27/09 NBC drops ax on 'Chopping Block'

Reality TV Magazine 3/26/09 The Chopping Block Goes To Mother Nature For Inspiration
Reality News Online 3/26/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 3: Human Nature
Reality TV Fans 3/25/09 The Teams Find Their Inspiration in Central Park Tonight on The Chopping Block
Reality TV Magazine 3/20/09 The Chopping Block Sends Home A Pair With No Fight In Them
Reality News Online 3/19/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 2: An Endangered Species
Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/19/09 Can’t Take the Heat? Don’t Go in the Kitchen – The Chopping Block’s Khoa and Denise Quit Reality TV Fans 3/18/09 Teams Host Private Dinner Parties for Fashion Designers Tonight on The Chopping Block
Reality TV Magazine 3/12/09 The Chopping Block Starts Out With A Shocking Self-Elimination
Reality News Online 3/12/09 The Chopping Block, Episode 1: Hell’s Chicken

Reality TV Fans 3/11/09 The Chopping Block Premieres Tonight on NBC

Reality TV Fans 3/7/09 Contestants Have 48 Hours to Open a Restaurant Wednesday on The Chopping Block


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