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On this show Andy Dick puts 12 competitors through a series of Apprentice like tasks to win a job as his assistant.  Meant to be a parody of other reality shows the prize package is a car, a wardrobe from American Eagle Outfitters, a cell phone package and an entertainment-industry job as a lowly grunt.

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News Articles about MTV Networks The Assistant


AJC 9/18/04 Reality TV bug bites another Snellville resident

Reality News Online 9/8/04 "I think, had I won, the show would have been edited very differently"

Reality News Online 9/7/04 The Assistant, Episode 9 - Andy's Assistant Is...

Reality Shack 8/31/04 Assistant Finale - Finally

Reality News Online 8/29/04 The Assistant, Episode 7: Time to Get Your Fear On!

Daily Chronicle 8/25/04 Former DeKalb resident competes to be Andy Dick's personal assistant on MTV reality show

Reality Shack 8/24/04 Yet Another Twist on the Assistant - Episode 7

Reality News Online 8/17/04 The Assistant, Episode 6: Planning a Day of Hell

Reality Shack 8/17/04 Spa Day! Clip Away! - The Assistant, Episode 6

Reality News Online 8/10/04 The Assistant, Episode 5: A Camping We Will Go!

Reality Shack 8/10/04 Roughing and Bluffing It - The Assistant, Episode 5

Reality News Online 8/3/04 The Assistant, Episode 4: A Day in the Life of Andy Dick, via His Assistants

Reality Shack 8/3/04 Andy Gets Sick - The Assistant, Episode 4

Reality News Online 7/28/04 The Assistant, Episode 3 - "The tribal people of the tribe have spoken"

Media Life 7/23/04 Not-so-hot debut for Dick's 'Assistant'

NY Times 7/22/04 Andy Dick Dating Contestant on 'Assistant'

Reality News Online 7/20/04 The Assistant, Episode 2: Thieves, a “Little Person,” and Dr. Chocolate?

The Advocate 7/15/04 C-list celeb spoofs reality shows on MTV's 'Assistant'

The Trades 7/14/04 The Assistant-Episode One

Reality News Online 7/13/04 The Assistant, Episode 1: That's what Happens in Hollywood, You Get CUT!

Baltimore Sun 7/12/04 Humiliation is boss on new series

Chicago Tribune 7/12/04 `Assistant' parodies other reality shows

Dallas Morning News 7/12/04 Working for laughs

NY Times 7/12/04 A Reality Show That Tries to Spoof Reality Shows

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 The Assistant 7/10/04 'Assistant' spoofs best - or worst? - of reality TV

TV Week 7/1/04 Andy Dick to Star in Reality Parody

E!Online 6/16/04 Andy Dick's Innocent Pot Plea


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