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"The Agency” infiltrates the modeling industry like no other television series has, with a stark look at the men and women who search for, mold, scold and comfort raw, young hopefuls --all in an effort to groom the world's most marketable beautiful people. The series is not about glamour. It's about the harsh realities of an industry in which millions of dollars are at stake daily and the competition for talent can lead to both euphoric victories and bitter defeats. From eating disorders to money disputes to ego clashes to poaching by other agencies, “The Agency” casts an unblinking eye on the super-high-stress jobs of the people who are completely hooked on the business of brokering beauty.


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News Articles about Vh1 Networks The Agency


Boston Globe 4/3/07 Model Behavior

Entertainment Weekly 4/2/07 Model Behavior

TV Robot 3/15/07 More Conflict and Contradiction, More Anger and Alcohol for The Agency

NY Times 3/11/07 At ‘The Agency,’ It Isn’t Pretty

TV Robot 3/7/07 Agents, Heal Thyselves

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NY Post 2/20/07 Beauty and the Beast 

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NY Daily News 2/19/07 'Agency': Beauties and the beasts

NY Post 2/19/07 Ugly Becky

Milwaukee Journal 2/16/07 Becky the very model of meanness for VH1's 'Agency'

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Vh1 Makes First Episode of "The Agency" Available Online February 14

NY Daily News 2/1/07 Call it the Wilhel-meanie 'Agency'

Newsday 2/1/07 Models' weight reality on reality TV

Celebrity Spider 1/11/07 Vh1 Announces New Series "The Agency" to Premiere February 20th

The Advocate 6/10/05 VH1 begins taping modeling show The Agency

Zap2It 6/8/05 VH1 Goes Behind the Runway with 'Agency'

Celebrity Spider 6/6/05 VH1 Announces The Agency Series to Premiere This Fall

TV Week 6/6/05 VH1 Orders New Reality Series


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