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About Texas Ranch House on PBS Network 

On this show, similar to Manor House and Colonial house, modern day people experience living the life of a previous generation, in his case the life on a Texas Ranch in the year 1867.


News Articles about PBS Networks Texas Ranch House


Agriculture Online 5/2/06 Texas Ranch House provides a glimpse of ranch life in 1867

Chicago Sun Times 5/2/06 Home on the range

NY Times 5/1/06 Saddling Up for a Bumpy Ride Into 1867 on 'Texas Ranch House'

St. Petersburg Times 5/1/06 Here's how the West was really won

Dallas Morning News 5/1/06 TV: 'Ranch House' participants tested their mettle

Hollywood Reporter 5/1/06 Texas Ranch House

Chicago Tribune 5/1/06 'Texas' is a boring look at life in the Old West

LJ World 5/1/06 Back at the ‘Ranch’

Staten Island Advance 5/1/06 PBS wrangles with life on an 1800s 'Texas Ranch'

Deseret News 5/1/06 'Texas' travesty

American Heritage 5/1/06 Texas Ranch House: Is This Historical Reality?

Equisearch 5/1/06 'Texas Ranch House' Airs in May on PBS

Eureka Reporter 4/30/06 PBS 'reality' series 'Ranch House' starts tonight

Post Gazette 4/30/06 'Texas Ranch House' -- dysfunction on the range

Canton Rep 4/30/06 Canal Fulton guy gets reality check as 1867 rancher on PBS series

NY Times 4/30/06 Trail's End

Times Argus 4/30/06 Time-traveling Barton cowboy set for TV debut

Washington Post 4/29/06 Reality Range Rovers

Dallas Morning News 4/28/06 'Ranch House' reality makes for an entertaining roundup

Jewish News Weekly 4/28/06 Palo Alto grad student gets a lesson in Texas life, 1860s style

Milwaukee Journal 4/28/06 Wrangling with sexism at PBS ranch

Christian Science Monitor 4/28/06 Tubegazing: Texas Ranch House

Catholic Online 4/21/06 ‘Texas Ranch House,’ May 1-4, PBS

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 PBS Launches Companion Website for "Texas Ranch House"

Broadcasting & Cable 4/20/06 PBS Plugs Cattle Shows

WFAA 1/17/06 Veterans of PBS' 'Texas Ranch House' reveal secrets to survival

Press Release 3/16/05 Casting Call - Texas Ranch House

The Kansas City Channel 2/17/05 Participants To Live 'Old West' Style In Reality Show

PBS 1/15/05 PBS Greenlights New Series Texas Ranch House


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