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This show is the first unscripted documentary set inside the newsroom of one of the world's largest newspapers, The New York Daily News. "Tabloid Wars," a six-episode one-hour series shot in the form of a procedural drama, is like a visiting tornado that provides a personal and powerful peek into the world of tabloid journalism where everyday is a deadline, a competitive edge is key, and breaking news never stops. Each episode of "Tabloid Wars" follows the working lives of four to five compelling characters, the journalists of The New York Daily News, as they report on crime, murder, war, and celebrity news with New York City as the backdrop.


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News Articles about Bravo Networks Tabloid Wars


Lowell Sun 8/4/06 'Tabloid Wars' Lowell native is on the front lines in reality TV series about New York newspaper

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/06 Tabloid Wars

Salt Lake Tribune 7/24/06 'Tabloid Wars' strips the thin veneer of tab press

NY Sun 7/24/06 Reporting the Wrong Story

South Coast Today 7/24/06 Getting the juicy story not quite spellbinding

LA Times 7/24/06 Sweating it out, cameras in tow

Lawrence Journal-World 7/24/06 It’s a battle to stay awake for ‘Tabloid Wars’

NY Times 7/24/06 Seeing the News Distilled on Paper in 'Tabloid Wars'

Boston Globe 7/24/06 `Tabloid Wars' is a realistic peak inside newsroom

NY Daily News 7/24/06 'Wars' docu keeps tabs on News

Chicago Sun Times 7/24/06 Newspaper rivalry not much fun to watch

Star-Telegram 7/23/06 'Tabloid Wars' gives scoop on paper biz

Variety 7/23/06 Tabloid Wars

Post Gazette 7/23/06 There's a reason why newspaper reporters aren't on TV

Toledo Blade 7/23/06 Bravo's 'Tabloid Wars' gives an inside look at the New York Daily News

NY Daily News 7/23/06 I'm a reporter, not a star

Commercial Appeal 7/22/06 Bravo spotlights real reporters on 'Tabloid Wars'

Milwaukee Journal 7/21/06 'Tabloid Wars' a fun NYC throw down

LA Times 7/19/06 They've got to get that scoop!

Chicago Tribune 7/14/06 Cooke returns shots in new Bravo series

Celebrity Spider 6/12/06 Bravo Announces New Series "Tabloid Wars"

Salt Lake Tribune 5/2/05 A newspaper reality series? I'm glad NYC scooped us

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Bravo Announces "The Daily News"

USA Today 4/27/05 Bravo to track 'New York Daily News' staffers

Zap2It 4/27/05 Bravo Breaks 'News,' 'Bobby Brown'

Celebrity Spider 4/26/05 Bravo and Hearst Entertainment Team Up for "The Daily News Series"

NY Daily News 4/26/05 Bravo! News to star on TV


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