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Susie Smith, a Mexican American mother of one, has always allowed others to dictate her life and she’s ready for a change. Born into a Mexican immigrant family of crop field workers, Susie and five of her siblings began working alongside her parents at a young age and the other three siblings were raised by Susie and her siblings. She has struggled ever since, but has overcome many personal challenges.

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News Articles about Survivor Gabon contestant Susie Smith

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Reality News Online 12/17/08 Survivor: Gabon – Why Susie Lost
Reality News Online 12/15/08 “I Was Surprised It Was That Close” – Exclusive with Survivor: Gabon’s Runner-Up, Susie 9/25/08 'Survivor' mom back in Iowa from Gabon
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Globe Gazette 9/22/08 Charles City mom tests if she can ‘outwit, outplay, outlast’

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