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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 14 which was filmed in Fiji

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Survivor: Fiji is the fourteenth season in the Survivor series.  In Survivor Fiji 19 competitors survive in the wild dealing with the elements of a hostile environment for over a month while competing against one another in a variety of competitions for rewards and advantages in the game.  Each week one contestant is voted out by other people in their "tribe" until one remains as the sole Survivor.  CBS has announced that new twists will be added this season to make the game even more exciting.


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WTSP 10 News 1/30/15 Ex-Survivor contestant trains trainers in Tampa

Reality TV Magazine 9/25/12 Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Fiji Available To Pre-Order On DVD

E!Online 5/30/10 Survivor's Earl Cole Ties the Knot

E!Online 4/29/10 Another Survivor Star Busted in Bayou Country

TMZ 4/28/10 'Survivor' Star Accused of Battering a Woman

WCBS-TV 3/28/08 Survivor Winner Also Survivor Of Childhood Disease

Celebrity Spider 1/21/08 Survivor Fiji's Michelle Yi Joins Gramicci Design Team

Chicago Sun Times 12/5/07 'Survivor's' Lee on (sushi) roll

Fiji Times 11/21/07 Village benefits from Survivor

Leader Post 10/22/07 'Survivor' very much a social game

Edmonton Journal 10/2/07 Survivor's Yau-Man Chan to speak in Edmonton

JokersUpdates 9/21/07 Survivor: Yau-Man: A Fascinating Interview

Reality TV World 9/13/07 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst weighs in on Dreamz's 'Fiji' decision debate

News Record 9/10/07 Michelle Yi - Surviving Fiji and DAAP

Reality TV World 9/4/07 'Survivor: Fiji' winner Earl Cole planning to buy a house in Fiji

Fiji Times 9/4/07 Survivor winner promises to promote Fiji

Kansas City Kansan 8/7/07 Community welcomes ‘Survivor’ Cole

Inside Pulse 7/22/07 Unreleased Photos Of Survivor: Fiji's Stacy Kimball

The West Australian 7/20/07 Real street survivor

Asian Week 6/29/07 Pre-Teen Ping Pong Duo Smack Down CBS 'Survivor' Yau-Man

Reality TV World 6/25/07 'Survivor: Fiji' castaway Andria 'Dreamz' Herd hit with paternity lawsuit

TMZ 6/25/07 "Survivor's" Dreamz -- Devious Player, Deadbeat Dad?

Times Herald 6/25/07 'Survivor' star works for food

NY Post 6/25/07 'Survivor' Star Gets Socked By Baby Suit

Wilmington Morning Star 6/22/07 Wilmington's 'Survivor' hit with paternity suit

Buddy TV 6/17/07 Catching Up with Yau-Man Chan


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