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Ted Nugent designs challenges for seven contestants to survive.  As they pass each Challenge to Ted's satisfaction they move on in the game until they reach the ultimate Fifty Thousand dollar prize package.


News Articles about VH1 Networks Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments Links


Reality News Online 5/15/04 Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments – Finale

Muskegon Chronicle 5/11/04 Awful 'reality' show makes outrageous Nugent appear boring

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/04 Surviving Nugent - Survivor: Uncle Ted Style

Deseret News 5/1/04 Can you survive Nugent?

WVEC 2/24/04 Lawyer: Nugent Admits He Fathered Child

Star Telegram 1/28/04 All the Nuge that's fit to print 1/15/04 The Show Must Go On

Ananova 1/15/04 Reality TV rocker in chainsaw drama

Chart Attack 1/14/04 Ted Nugent Rips Open Own Leg With Chainsaw
Zap2It 1/14/04 Nugent Survives Texas Chainsaw Near-Massacre

BBC 1/14/04 Reality star injured by chainsaw

Rolling Stone 1/13/04 In Brief: Darkness, Nugent

Reality News Online 1/13/04 Will Ted Nugent Survive Himself?

Washington Post 1/10/04 Ted Nugent's Preemptive Strike

TVRules 1/9/04 Surviving Nugent Returns As Series to VH1

Hollywood Reporter 12/23/03 VH1 survives: Full season of 'Nugent' show

Zap2It 12/23/03 VH1 Holds Onto Gold 'Nugent'

Reality News Online 10/15/03 Surviving Nugent: That’s Entertainment?

Reality Reel 10/2/03 Surviving Nugent

Michigan Live 10/1/03 Reality TV comes to Nugents' ranch


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