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This page is a portal to a variety of Products to help you stop snoring


About the problem of Snoring


The noises of snoring are generated within the breathing passages.  The sounds are caused by the vibration or flapping of the tissues lining the air passages.  Noises can result from a narrowing of the nasal passage which generates a whistling noise. The vibration of the soft palate (or roof of the mouth) causes the fluttering vibration sounds. This may, in turn, have been caused by narrowness of the nasal passage causing turbulent or irregular air flow which contributes to the fluttering of the soft palate.  The tongue may fall back into the airway narrowing the airway and at times causing blockage. This may also contribute to the snoring noise.






Amazing anti-snore pillow provides therapeutic results! Specially designed 100% polyester fiber pillow maximizes resting comfort, eliminates stress placed on neck & shoulders, reducing snoring to give you a more restful sleep. Cradles head & neck for back or side sleeping. Fits standard pillowcases. 20" x 26" Snore No More Pillow



Dr. Harris' Snore Formula is a 100% natural way to eliminate snoring. Plant enzymes and herbs promote smoother airflow by reducing swelling and mucous build-up that leads to snoring and congestion. Now everyone can get some rest! Take one to four caplets 30-45 minutes before bedtime. 60 caplets.   Snore Formula



The SnoreStop - Extinguisher is very convenient to use to control an urgent situation in the middle of the night. It contains a breakthrough proprietary formula with proven performance.



Stop snoring at - Affordable and effective products for snoring relief and sleep apnea.