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This show will offer a group of goal-oriented women the chance to change their lives while living under the same roof.  Six women, who either have an issue they need to overcome or a dream they want to achieve, spend six weeks in Chicago working with experts to tackle those goals.  

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News Articles about NBC Networks Starting Over


Chicago Sun Times 9/11/06 Reality TV star, priestess visits Chicago church

Celebrity Spider 6/1/06 Starting Over Fans Try to Save Show

Boston Globe 5/4/06 She credits 'Starting Over' for new outlook

Reality Shack 4/29/06 Starting Over 3, April 28th Cassie Gets Ready To Meet Her Son

Reality Shack 4/10/06 Starting Over 5, April 3-7 The Drunken Escapade

Reality Shack 4/2/06 Starting Over 3, March 27-31 Celebrating Cassie

Reality Shack 3/27/06 Starting Over 3 Interview With Jill Tracey

Reality Shack 3/14/06 Starting Over 3, March 10th Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Reality Shack 3/1/06 Starting Over 3, February 22nd - Victor or Victim?

Reality Shack 2/28/06 Starting Over 3, February 21st - "I Wanna Be Me!"

Reality Shack  2/21/06  Starting Over 3, February 21st - Loneliness

Reality Shack 2/19/06 Starting Over 3, February 15th - It's A Wrap

Reality Shack 2/18/06 Starting Over 3, February 14th - Busted In More Ways Than One

Reality Shack 2/18/06 Starting Over 3, February 13th - Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

Reality Shack 2/14/06 Starting Over 3, Week of February 10th - Catching Up

Celebrity Spider 2/9/06 Starting Over Nominated for Two Daytime Emmy Awards

Reality Shack 2/9/06 Starting Over 3, February 6th - Lisa, Lisa, Lisa

Reality Shack 2/7/06 Starting Over 3, February 3rd - Facing The Truth

Reality Shack 2/7/06 Starting Over 3, February 2nd - Dealing With Our Losses

Reality Shack 2/4/06 Starting Over 3, February 1st - In Search Of A Father's Love

Reality Shack 2/2/06 Starting Over 3, January 31st - "Where's The Flowers? Where's The Pool?"

Reality Shack 2/1/06 Starting Over 3, January 30th - Being Defensive

Reality Shack 1/31/06 Starting Over 3, January 31st - Mother's Day

Reality Shack 1/28/06 Starting Over 3, January 26th - Changing The Two Lisas

Reality Shack 1/27/06 Starting Over 3, January 25th - Everything Is Good


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