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On this show celebrities are set up on dates with non celebrities.  The real people are learning which celebrity they are being set up with by opening sealed envelopes.

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News Articles about E! Networks Star Dates


Fans Of Reality TV The Robbie Rist Dates - No, I Am Not Ewan McGregor

Fans Of Reality TV 8/11/03 EG Daily Dates: I Dated PeeWee Herman Once

Fans Of Reality TV 8/2/03 Star Dates: The Leif Garrett Dates - Seven Years of Bad Sex

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/03 Jimmy Walker: I'll Say Anything But Dyn-o-mite

Fans of Reality TV 7/12/03 The Tiffany Dates: I Think You're A Bore Now

Fans of Reality TV 7/2/03 The Mary McDonough Dates - Good Night Joey Boy!

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/03 Deney Terrio: I Taught Travolta How To Dance

Fans of Reality TV 6/21/03 Star Dates: Fred Berry Dates - Hey, Hey, Hey

NY Times 6/10/03 Berry Looking for Love on 'Star Dates'

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/03 Interview w/ Dustin Diamond's Date Robin Coleman

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/03 Gary Coleman episode, Whatchyou Talkin’ ‘Bout Jordan?

Media Fiends 1/16/03 - Star Dates-Phyllis Diller

Fans of Reality TV 1/15/03 Phyllis Diller, Vegetarian Cooking Pigs, and Other Philosophies

Fans of Reality TV 1/6/03 Star Dates, Episode 4: Don't Call Me Tootie!

MediaFiends 1/6/03 - Star Dates with Kim Fields

Fans of Reality TV 12/30/02 Jill Whelan - No, I'm not the Cruise Director!

Fans of Reality TV 12/23/02 Episode 2 Recap, The Dustin Diamond Dates

Fans of Reality TV 12/16/02 Episode 1 Recap, The Butch Patrick Dates

Post-Gazette 12/14/02 TV Note: Formerly famous look for love on 'Star Date'

NY Daily News 12/13/02 Looking for love, and a career boost

Media Life 12/13/02 'Star Dates,' not love at first slight

Sign on San Diego 11/13/02 Reality series 'Star Dates' to follow former television stars on blind dates

E!Online 9/4/02 Get the Most Out of Your Celebrity Romance


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