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Leaving their troubles in Brooklyn behind, best friends Matt (Marcus Coloma) and Vincent (Chris Johnson) head to Miami for adventure, hoping to find Matt's old flame, up-and-coming fashion model Arielle (Odette Yustman). Landing at the Hotel Soleil's hip club Nocturnal, the buddies surprise Arielle and her rich new boyfriend, suave club manager Alex Bauer (Lee Thompson Young), who's ready to douse any more sparks between his girlfriend and her ex.  Surrounded by South Beach's swirl of passions and conflicts, Matt and Vincent dive wholeheartedly into this brilliant, unfamiliar world of money, power, sex and fashion, with only their streetwise smarts to guide them through what's sure to be a wild, steamy adventure.


News Articles about UPN Networks South Beach show


Celebrity Spider 4/17/06 Jennifer Lopez Hit With Legal Action

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Vincent Hopes to Go Legit on the next Episode of "South Beach"

Celebrity Spider 2/9/06 Alex, Matt and Vincent Each Make New Friends on the next "South Beach"

Celebrity Spider 2/5/06 Elizabeth Wrestles With Alex For Control of the Club on the next "South Beach"

Celebrity Spider 1/26/06 Elizabeth Contemplates Getting Involved With an Old Flame on the next Episode of South Beach

Detroit News 1/22/06 Life's a 'Beach' for UPN

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 Matt's Father Shows Up in Miami to Apologize on the next "South Beach"

Celebrity Spider 1/12/06 Elizabeth Turns to Fuentes for Help on the next Episode of "South Beach"

Palm Beach Post 1/11/06 J. Lo's new TV show relies on eye candy

Charlotte Observer 1/11/06 'South Beach': It's one big vice

Seattle Times 1/11/06 Over-the-top "South Beach" and another "crumby" sitcom

CBS 1/11/06 Vanessa Williams Goes 'South'

Boston Globe 1/11/06 Pretty petulance in 'South Beach'

Chicago Tribune 1/11/06 Banal plot makes `Beach' transparent

Tampa Bay Online 1/11/06 Insipid Soap 'South Beach' Supplies Some Sin And Sizzle To UPN Lineup

Deseret News 1/11/06 'South Beach'-ed

Hollywood Reporter 1/11/06 South Beach

The Oregonian 1/11/06 Preview Swanky, silky, sexy 'South Beach' recycles glam drama formula

USA Today 1/11/06 'South Beach' is all wet

Washington Post 1/11/06 Bang, Bang, Bling, Bling, Blah, Blah

SF Chronicle 1/11/06 The bad shows just keep on coming, and one of them we can even blame on J-Lo

Dallas Morning News 1/11/06 'Beach' recycles stories, characters

Courier Journal 1/11/06 'South Beach' bares a skimpy plot

NY Post 1/11/06 Miami Vices

NY Daily News 1/11/06 'Beach' out of its depth

Jam! 1/11/06 J.Lo's Beach life goes South

Hartford Courant 1/11/06 'South Beach' Proves Looks Aren't Everything

NY Times 1/11/06 In a Sexy World of Deceit, Even the Slackers Prevail 1/11/06 Actors are pretty; performances not

Extra 1/10/06 J Lo Makes Debut as TV Executive Producer

Seattle PI 1/10/06 UPN's new 'South Beach' is stuck in shallow water

Zap2It 1/8/06 Williams Hits J. Lo's 'South Beach'

Celebrity Spider 12/29/05 UPN Premiere of South Beach to Air January 11 and 17th

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 UPN Announces New Series "South Beach"


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