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The documentary series "Shooting Sizemore," premiering January 7 at 10:30pm, chronicles the harrowing, intimate journey of a talented actor as he attempts to redeem himself and get both his life and career back on track while fighting the demons of his past. Once at the top of his game, Sizemore's career came to a screeching halt when in a matter of months his methamphetamine and heroin addiction led to his downward spiral. As a result he lost jobs, went into bankruptcy and lost his home. Filming from the moment he walks out of rehab and with unlimited access, VH1 follows Tom and his small remaining entourage, including Luree, his jaded but fiercely loyal personal assistant as he tries to put his life back together.


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Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 Tom Sizemore Released From Prison

BBC 6/26/07 Actor Sizemore sentenced to jail

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Tom Sizemore's Request for Bail Denied

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Tom Sizemore Surrenders to Court

Celebrity Spider 6/1/07 Arrest Warrant Issued for Tom Sizemore

Celebrity Spider 5/23/07 Tom Sizemore Pleads Not Guilty to Drugs Charges

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Tom Sizemore Charged With Drug Related Felonies

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Tom Sizemore Settles Legal Disputes

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Tom Sizemore Arrested on Drugs Charges

Chicago Tribune 1/16/07 Tom Sizemore aims for comeback with `Shooting'

NY Post 1/14/07 "Sizemore" Celebrates Creepy Has Been

Deseret News 1/6/07 VH1 has no shame

Celebrity Spider 1/5/07 Tom Sizemore Turns Heroin Home Videos into Reality Show

Reality TV World 1/3/07 VH1 to premiere Tom Sizemore's 'Shooting Sizemore' on January 7

Celebrity Spider 1/2/07 VH1 Announces New Series "Shooting Sizemore" to Premiere January 7th

Celebrity Spider 9/1/06 Tom Sizemore Gets Own Reality Show


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