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About Shane Meaney 


Shane Meaney is 26 and from Bennington, Vermont. He is a House Flipper. He did not apply for Big Brother, but rather was contacted through Facebook through some modeling he had done. He hopes to win America over. 


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News Articles about Big Brother 14 contestant Shane Meaney


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Reality TV Calendar 9/10/12 Shane And Danielle's Big Date - Big Sister's live feeds report

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BuddyTV 8/23/12 'Big Brother 14' Week 6: Shane's 2nd HoH Photos

BuddyTV 8/22/12 'Big Brother 14' HoH Blog: Shane Compares Danielle to a Dog

Big Brother 8/11/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Danielle and Shane’s Thumb War

BuddyTV 8/2/12 'Big Brother 14' Week 3: Shane's HoH Photos

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Big Brother 247 7/31/12 Big Brother 14 – Live Feed Clip: Shane Talks About Wearing a Fat Suit

Big Brother 247 7/30/12 Big Brother 14 Episode 8 – Shane is New HoH

People 7/29/12 Big Brother: Were JoJo and Shane in a Show-mance?

Big Brother 247 7/27/12 Big Brother 14 Episode 7 Highlight – Shane and Jojo’ Showmance

Zap2It 7/26/12 'Big Brother 14': Shane continues to be a competitive threat

Big Brother 247 7/17/12 Big Brother 14 – Live Feed Highlight: Shane Gives JoJo a Backrub

Big Brother 247 7/10/12 Big Brother 14: Meet Shane Meaney

Zap2It 7/9/12 'Big Brother 14's' Shane Meaney: Girls will be his 'biggest downfall' in the house

BuddyTV 7/5/12 'Big Brother 14' Cast Announced: Meet the 12 New Houseguests

Zap2It 7/5/12 'Big Brother 14' cast includes Russell Hantz's brother, a Playmate of the Year and more


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