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Born and raised in New York, Sekou Bunch began pursuing his creative talents at an early age. One of his first paintings was put on display at the Museum of Art in New York when he was just seven years old. At this time, Bunch also began dancing in local talent shows, often taking first prize. He later became one of the original break dancers in the Bronx, where he often attended the famed "DJ Kool Herc" parties. At age 15, Bunch picked up a bass guitar and, with the help of his Uncle Ralph, found his true passion. Three years later, Bunch recorded his first professional record, Funkin' for Jamaica, an LP that eventually went gold. While honing his skills, he completed two years of college at St. Francis College and Glendale Community College. Sekou currently resides in Los Angeles. He has three children, Brandis, Brooke, Shalonda, a step daughter Kai, a fiancée, Toi, and is a proud grandfather to Carlos and Shelby. His birth date is September 9, 1960.


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