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This show follows Lux, Sister Mary Jane, Punky Bruiser, Miss Conduct, Venis Envy, Cha Cha, and the rest of the Rollergirls as they experience the  fast-paced, dangerous world of roller derby.  Traveling around the banked track at breakneck speed the ladies do whatever they can to help their team win and to sideline their opponents.  See how they integrate their unrelated professions like waitresses, maternity nurse, and teacher into their daily routine as roller derby athletes.


News Articles about A&E Networks Rollersgirls show


Reality TV World 3/14/06 A&E cancels 'Rollergirls,' renews 'Dallas SWAT,' orders new pilots

Salt Lake City Weekly 2/22/06 Possessed to Skate

Tucson Citizen 1/19/06 'The Real World' meets wrestling on roller skates

Chart Attack 1/11/06 The Donnas And Ani DiFranco Are Rollergrrrls

NY Times 1/8/06 Roller Girls Roll Back in View

Boston Globe 1/2/06 In 'Rollergirls,' drama queens take reality for a spin

Newsday 1/2/06 Skater girls rock and roll, for real

Seattle Times 1/2/06 A masterpiece of theater: A&E presents roller derby

NY Post 1/2/06 Wheely Tough

LA Times 1/2/06 With skated purpose

Grand Rapids Press 1/2/06 Roller derby is back and taking no prisoners

Sun Sentinel 1/2/06 A&E goes crude with Rollergirls

NY Times 1/2/06 Skating and Punching Their Way to Self-Esteem

Boston Herald 1/2/06 Bruise control - Padding lessens impact of A & E’s ‘Rollergirls’

NY Daily News 1/2/06 Beware this rinky-dink 'Rollergirls'

Chicago Tribune 1/2/06 These `Rollergirls' aren't debutantes

LJ World 1/2/06 A&E series ’Rollergirls’ drags like a bad documentary

Dallas Morning News 1/1/06 Two shots of Texas reality 1/1/06 'Rollergirls'

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/05 Rollergirls

AZ Central 12/29/05 'The Real World' meets wrestling on roller skates

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Rollergirls to Premiere on A&E January 2nd

Austin Business Journal 12/19/05 Rock 'n' Rollergirls: A&E to air roller derby reality series in January


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