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This site has links to news, websites and other information about Survivor II Contestant Rodger Bingham.


Pictures/Photos of Rodger Bingham


Survivor Hunks - Rodger Bingham Photo Gallery


News Articles about Survivor Contestant Rodger Bingham


Lexington Herald Leader 1/14/12 Kentucky Joe of 'Survivor' fired from Department of Agriculture

Reality TV Magazine 9/20/11 Checking In With Survivor: The Australian Outback’s Rodger Bingham

Ledger Independent 10/28/06 Bingham to speak at RSVP event

Ledger Independent 2/2/06 ‘Survivor’ stars highlight fund-raising dinner

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/11/05 'Kentucky Joe' keynotes at yearly Business Expo

Winchester Sun 12/15/04 'Kentucky Joe' speaks at Clark Kiwanis meeting

News Enterprise 11/8/04 ‘Kentucky Joe' visit highlights Farm City Day

WKYT 2/18/04 "Kentucky Joe" Visits East KY School

WKYT 1/21/04 Ex-Survivor "Kentucky Joe" Gets A Job

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/14/04 Just missed cut for 'Survivor: All Stars,' Bingham says

Kentucky Post 1/14/04 Bingham takes state job

Cincinnati Post 5/22/03 Rodger waiting for 'Survivor' call

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/23/03 Celebrity ending for 'Survivor' Bingham

Courier-Journal 2/15/03 Surviving the reality shows

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/20/01 'Survivor' on the stump

Daily Times 11/18/01 Rodger Bingham to be Grand Marshal for Community Christmas Parade

Dearborn County Register 10/19/01 Roger: right choices are key to survival

Cincinnati Post 10/9/01 Kentucky's 'Survivor' is still busy

Cincinnati Post 7/26/01 Life after 'Survivor' Rodger's in demand as pitchman

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/28/01 'Survivor' Rodger to go on tour

Channel Cincinnati 6/26/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Radio Gig

Cincinnati Post 6/22/01 'Survivor' star will be guest on Emmy show

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/3/01 'Survivor 2' wins our vote

Cincinnati Post 4/30/01 'Survivor' Rodger is a man in demand

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/27/01 O Rodger, we lift our proud voices to thee


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Yahoo Rodger Bingham Club

Zap2It Rodger Bingham Report Card


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