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On this show children of rockstars and music legends take the stage to battle it out on a weekly "Live" singing competition.   Each week a talented progeny of some of the most famous recording artists of all time will rehearse with accomplished producers, songwriters and choreographers before performing live' in front of a studio audience and an expert panel of judges. Ultimately, the fate of these second generation musical artists will be in the hands of the viewers at home, who will vote to determine which offspring has what it takes to emerge from their parent's shadow, claim a lucrative recording contract and declare their independence.


News Articles about MTV Networks Rock the Cradle

Rolling Stone 5/9/08 Reality Show Recap: Crosby Loggins Ends Our National Nightmare on “Rock the Cradle”

Chicago Sun-Times 4/26/08 Rock star kids try to make a name for themselves

Rolling Stone 4/25/08 Reality Show Recap: “Rock the Cradle” Is No Longer Brown Nor Sure

TMZ 4/21/08 "Cradle" Judges Rock-Blocked, Paula To Blame

Lower Hudson Journal News 4/18/08 Mt. Vernon singer to follow in dad's footsteps – on MTV's 'Rock the Cradle'

Rolling Stone 4/18/08 Reality Show Recap: “Rock the Cradle” Drops the Hammer

Digital Spy 4/16/08 Newton-John's daughter felt abandoned

Inside Bay Area 4/16/08 MC Hammer's daughter emerges from his shadow

Rolling Stone 4/11/08 Reality Show Recap: “Rock the Cradle” Goes Bankrupt

NY Times 4/10/08 From Cradle to the Stage, Naturally

Celebrity Spider 4/9/08 Daughter Slams Olivia Newton John on "Rock the Cradle"

Fay Observer 4/9/08 Loggins didn’t want spot on 'Rock the Cradle'

Wild Bluff Media 4/7/08 MTV's Rock The Cradle - Just Throw Rocks At My Head

Rolling Stone 4/4/08 Rock Reality Show Recap: Celeb Offspring Face the Music on “Rock the Cradle”

Jam! 4/3/08 Kenny Loggins' son ready to 'Rock'

USA Today 4/3/08 These music star progeny make plans to 'Rock the Cradle'

Contra Costa Times 4/2/08 Danville producer looks to 'Rock the Cradle for MTV

Newsday 4/2/08 Jesse Blaze Snider stars in MTV's 'Rock the Cradle'

NY Post 3/12/08 Celeb Spawn 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 3/11/08 MTV Announces New Series "Rock the Cradle" to Premiere April 3

Variety 3/10/08 MTV tunes up 'Rock,' 'Pop' series

NY Post 2/8/08 Kids Show


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