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Season 14 of Road Rules has been dubbed Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge. A 100% interactive experience, MTVs audience will be in complete control of the game for the first time ever. With a real-time shoot schedule, viewers take the wheel this season as they call the shots on: 1) who from the RV ends up in the MTV Online elimination round, and 2) who from the roster of replacements on competes against that Road Ruler for their spot.


News Articles about MTV Networks Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge


Buffalo News 6/8/07 ‘Road Rules’ star helps take on real world challenge 5/10/07 Rules Violation

Reality Check By Gina 5/8/07 An Interview With Dan (Road Rules Pit Crew) 5/2/07 Send in the Clowns 5/2/07 David Vs...

Times-Union 5/1/07 Jacksonville man hopes to reign in 'Road Rules' 4/26/07 Fear Factor 4/24/07 David Vs...

Union Tribune 4/20/07 MTV hood ornament stolen in Pacific Beach 4/19/07 Didn't Create The Game, Just Here To Win 4/18/07 Susie & Derek Vs... 4/12/07 Mangina 4/10/07 Derek Vs... 4/5/07 No Assassins but there is an Ass

IGN 4/3/07 Road Rules' Veronica Gets Her Revenge 4/2/07 David Vs...

Celebrity Spider 3/29/07 MTV Announces Road Rules 2007 Sweepstakes 3/29/07 Takes One To Know One

BuddyTV 3/28/07 Exclusive Interview with Drew Bell, roadmaster of Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

Inside Pulse 3/28/07 Road Rules Week - Wednesday - Dude, Where's My RV?

Inside Pulse 3/27/07 Road Rules Week - Tuesday: Josh Clinton Interviews Adam Larson of Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge 3/27/07 Dan Vs...

Inside Pulse 3/26/07 Road Rules Week - Monday - Josh Clinton Interviews Veronica Portillo of Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge

Inside Pulse 3/25/07 Road Rules Week - Sunday - Josh Clinton Interviews Susie Meister of Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge

Inside Pulse 3/24/07 Road Rules Week - Saturday - Josh Clinton Interviews David Leach of Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge

Inside Pulse 3/23/07 Road Rules Week - Friday - Josh Clinton Interviews Angel Turlington of Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge


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