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This eight episode reality show focuses on the daily exploits of two wealthy teens in New York, Ally Hilfiger, and Jaime Gleicher.  

News Articles about MTV Networks Rich Girls


Reality News Online 1/8/04 Rich Girls, Episode 10: Together Apart

Las Vegas Mercury 1/1/04 Idiot Box Savant: Rich people hate you!

NY Times 12/30/03 In the End, 'Rich Girls' Has It All Over 'The Simple Life'

Reality Reel 12/29/03 A Jolly Ole' Time In London

Reality Reel 12/29/03 The New York Blackout

SCN 12/28/03 Reality Show Wrap-Up

Reality News Online 12/25/03 Rich Girls, Episodes 8 & 9: Third Wheel

Reality News Online 12/18/03 Rich Girls, Episode 7: Tension in the Air

Reality Reel 12/17/03 Boys, Boys, and More Boys.

Reality Reel 12/8/03 Burritos, Seattle and Yoga

Reality News Online 12/8/03 Rich Girls, Episodes 5 & 6: Itís a Dogís Life

Reality Reel 11/30/03 Poor Mitch

Reality Reel 11/23/03 Another Trip To The Hamptons

Reality News Online 11/20/03 Rich Girls, Episode 4: Not Just Tommyís Daughter

Columbia Spectator 11/19/03 Barnard 'Rich Girl' Postpones Real World With Reality TV

Reality News Online 11/17/03 Rich Girls, Episode 3: Helping the Malnutritioned

Reality Reel 11/16/03 A Rich 4th of July

NY Times 11/16/03 The Season of the Heirheads

Reality Reel 11/8/03 Graduation Time Is Upon Us

Reality News Online 11/5/03 Rich Girls, Episode 2: Party Time!

Reality Reel 11/4/03 I Just Wanna Have Sex

Reality News Online 11/3/03 Rich Girls, Episode 1: Feels Like the Very First Time

Reality Reel 11/2/03 Rich Girls: AKA Lame and Boring!!

CSM 10/31/03 Lifestyles of the young and famous

Fox News 10/27/03 TV Gangs Up on Rich Kids

NY Times 10/27/03 Focusing on Residents of Gilded Cages

USA Today 10/27/03 Born into wealth

Post Gazette 10/27/03 HBO trumps MTV at exploring the rich life

Contra Costa Times 10/26/03 That's rich: TV spotlights wealthy 

Star Tribune 10/24/03 Lifestyles of the rich, famous and stupid

MSNBC 10/20/03 Heir Heads

Rope of Silicon 10/8/03 MTV Investigates the Lives of "Rich Girls"


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