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About the The Rerun Show Show


In "The Rerun Show" comics re-enact scenes from classic sitcoms using the original scripts but nowadding a satirical element adding its own twist of a phrase or facial expression to give the script a double meaning.


News Articles about NBC Networks The Rerun Show


Rocky Mountain News 8/12/02 Not the same old 'Rerun Show'

CSM 8/9/02 Recycled TV: déjà view all over again

Reality News Online 8/2/02 The Bachelor Guest Stars on NBC Show

New York Times 8/1/02 Hindsight Makes Actors the Butt of the Jokes

San Francisco Chronicle 8/1/02 'Rerun' puts new laughs in bad TV

St. Petersburg Times 8/1/02 'Rerun' hits and misses

Post Gazette 8/1/02 'Rerun Show' finds new laughs in old sitcoms

USA Today 7/31/02 Spotty 'Rerun Show' spoofs old sitcoms

Deseret News 7/3/102 Old shows are new again on NBC's 'Rerun Show'

Media Life 7/29/02 'Rerun Show' needn't bother

Milwaukee Journal 7/27/02 Oddball 'Rerun Show' is re-mockably good fun



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