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About the Show


Seven strangers agree to live together in Denver Colorado and have their lives taped.


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News Articles about MTV's The Real World 18 Denver


The Tennessean 11/27/07 In My Closet: Brooke LaBarbera

The Mirror 10/18/07 Get 'real' with Colie

GW Hatchet 10/15/07 Real World star speaks out for Allied in Pride

Denver Post 8/17/07 "Real World" house gets a new life

andPOP 7/9/07 Real World: Denver's Jenn Returns to MTV for Inferno 3

Reality News Online 6/4/07 The Real World: Denver – The S@#T They Should Have Shown

Rocky Mountain News 5/26/07 'Real World' reality check

Reality News Online 5/24/07 The Real World: Denver – The Reunion 5/23/07 Denver Reunion

Reality News Online 5/17/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 28 - Happy Endings

Denver WestWord 5/17/07 Goodbye, Cruel Real World 5/16/07 Acceptance

Denver Post 5/15/07 "Real World" hits, misses for city 5/10/07 Golden Shower

Reality News Online 5/10/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 27 – Thailand, Here We Come!

Entertainment Weekly 5/10/07 It's Potty Time!

Santa Barbara Independent 5/10/07 Auditioning for MTV’s The Real World

Reality TV Links 5/9/07 Casting Call - The Real World 

Reality News Online 5/3/07 The Real World: Denver. Episode 26- The Serial Dater Strikes Again

Entertainment Weekly 5/3/07 Talent Show

Houston Chronicle 5/3/07 Deep, streptococcal pharyngitis 5/2/07 Serial Dater = Slut

Reality News Online 4/26/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 25 – Outward and Onward 4/26/07 Facing Your Fear

Entertainment Weekly 4/26/07 Brooke Goes With the Flow

Houston Chronicle 4/26/07 Human tear ducts are amazing


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