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About The Real Beverly Hillbillies


On this show a real-life "rural family" will take up residence for one year in a mansion with all the  luxuries of the wealthy. The show will focus on how the hillbilly family adjusts to their new life in 

Beverly Hills.


News Articles about CBS Networks The Real Beverly Hillbillies


NY Daily News 7/19/04 Despite criticism, 'Hillbillies' may live

Times Recorder 1/10/04 Rural group builds on win against TV's 'Hillbillies'

Deseret News 8/1/03 Folks 'git mad' over 'Hillbillies'

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/20/03 CBS:'Hillbillies' Reality Series Alive

Orlando Sentinel 6/15/03 Come and read a story about a man named Dub...

Washington Post 5/22/03 Miners Have A Pickax To Grind With CBS

Charlotte Observer 5/21/03 United Mine Workers protest planned CBS hillbilly show

Zap2It 5/20/03 Moonves Still Won't Rule Out 'Hillbillies'

Go Erie 5/14/03 Reality-TV show idea can still be saved

CBS 5/12/03 No Union Label For 'Beverly Hillbillies'

Post Gazette 5/8/03 Steelworkers join protest against reality TV show based on 'Beverly Hillbillies'

Star Banner 3/21/03 U.S. leaders slam CBS' 'Hillbillies'

Globe and Mail 3/10/03 The real hillbillies

Globe and Mail 3/8/03 Bigotry for bucks

TV Rules 3/7/03 Congressman Unhappy With Planned Hillbillies Show

Rocky Mountain News 3/4/03 Senator raps 'Hillbilly' reality

Deseret News 2/28/03 Senator incensed by hillbilly show

Washington Post 2/26/03 Capitol 'Hillbilly' Pounds CBS on the Floor

Zap2It 2/25/03 Senator Miller Votes 'Yay' on Hillbillies, 'Nay' on CBS

Daily Mail 2/15/03 Plans for ‘The Real Beverly Hillbillies' irk lawmakers

Christian Science Monitor 2/6/03 Reality TV's 'hick hunt' and the Appalachian truth

Tennessean 1/24/03 CBS hunts for hillbillies

Post-Gazette 1/20/03 Reality-TV 'Beverly Hillbillies' draws fire

USA Today 1/15/03 CBS backs away from 'Hillbillies' revival

Reality News Online 1/14/03 Organization Fights to Stop ‘Real Beverly Hillbillies’ Show

Zap2It 1/14/03 Nothing Concrete About 'Beverly Hillbillies'

New York Times 1/12/03 Reality TV Meets Its Match in Appalachia

E! Online 1/7/03 A "Hillbilly" Hullabaloo

Greenville News 1/6/03 Reality TV looking for a mountain view

Brunswick News 11/25/02 'Jethro' plans to sell 'Hillbillies' products

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/23/02 Hillbillies' reality show under fire

Virginia Pilot 11/22/02 Group takes aim at plans for hillbilly reality show

CBS 11/18/02 CBS Heads For Hills In Hick Hunt 10/30/02 CBS seeks 'hillbilly' family for reality show

Kentucky Post 8/31/02 Reality show will perpetuate hillbilly stereotype

Globe and Mail 8/29/02 Reality TV to mimic Beverly Hillbillies

Washington Post 8/29/02 Gold in Them Thar 'Hillbillies'?

New York Daily News 8/29/02 Hillbilly theme a reality for CBS

Indy Star 8/29/02 CBS planning real 'Hillbillies'

E!Online 8/28/02 Must Hee-Haw TV

Reality News Online 8/28/02 Load Up the Truck – ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Coming to Reality TV

Zap2It 8/28/02 CBS Plans a Reality 'Hillbillies'


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