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Random 1 is a one-hour documentary series that follows the successes and failures of a grassroots team of complicated idealists who set out to help people. Their reasoning is based on a simple principle: When you help someone, especially someone you don't know... It makes you feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself... You feel better about the world.  Random 1 scours the streets of America, seeking to help random everyday people in need. Once found, a team of producers in a high-tech mobile production machine known as RV-1 immediately tackles problems and opens initial doors for the unsuspecting strangers, while utilizing help in real-time from an on-line interactive audience pool.


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News Articles about A&E Networks Random 1


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Journal Gazette 11/1/05 Kindness of ‘Random’ reality

NY Times 11/1/05 Avoiding the Quick Fix for Those Truly in Need

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/05 Random 1


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