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Eccentric LAPD Detective Michael Raines (Goldblum) has a unique ability -- his imagination is so keen that when he's on a murder case, the murder victims actually take shape in front of him. At first he thinks he's losing his mind, but he finds that talking to these constantly evolving hallucinations (they're figments of his imagination, not ghosts) helps him discover their killers.


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Celebrity Spider 4/24/07 Season Finale of Raines to Air Friday on NBC

Union Tribune 4/23/07 Writer sees the error of her ways, suggests another 'Raines' check

Celebrity Spider 4/7/07 The Wife of an Old Friend is Murdered Next Week on "Raines"

Celebrity Spider 3/25/07 The Murder of a Homeless Woman is Investigated Next Week on "Raines"

News Leader 3/22/07 Quirkiness of 'Raines' makes sense tonight

TV Robot 3/17/07 Reasons to Watch Raines

South Coast Today 3/16/07 Hallucinations of the departed guide detective on NBC's 'Raines'

Celebrity Spider 3/15/07 Raines Premieres Tonight on NBC

Knox News 3/15/07 Morrow: NBC's 'Raines' gets a (nice) clue

Chicago Tribune 3/15/07 Goldblum tones it down for `Raines'

Newsday 3/15/07 A figment helps his imagination

NY Daily News 3/15/07 Goldblum has great new haunts

Plain Dealer 3/15/07 NBC takes new detective direction

Journal Now 3/15/07 Pure Goldblum: It's missing from his new role on television

USA Today 3/15/07 Goldblum keeps 'Raines' grounded

Toronto Star 3/15/07 Is Jeff Goldblum talking to me?

NY Times 3/15/07 With Voices in His Head, a Detective Gets to Work

Seattle PI 3/15/07 On TV: Midseason additions are an odd mix of murder, mystery and mirth

San Bernardino County Sun 3/14/07 He sees dead people; viewers won't see much

South Florida 3/14/07 Jeff Goldblum makes the best of a bad idea
Deseret News 3/14/07 'Raines' misses mark

Detroit News 3/14/07 'Raines' holds Goldblum back

Philly.com 3/14/07 'Raines' doesn't measure up to 'Medium'

Coming Soon 3/13/07 Goldblum and Yost on NBC's Raines

Post Gazette 3/13/07 Goldblum brings eclectic twist to his noir-style cop 'Raines'

Washington Post 3/11/07 If Murder Victims Could Talk . . .

NY Post 3/11/07 Talking To The Dead

Post Gazette 3/11/07 TV Reviews: Two for the Road

Toronto Star 3/10/07 Raines man

Variety 3/9/07 Raines

Jam! 3/8/07 Goldblum hallucinates for TV role

Toronto Star 1/19/07 Raines full of talent, but clouds looming

Celebrity Spider 1/18/07 NBC Announces New Series "Raines" Starring Jeff Goldblum

Zap2It 1/18/07 NBC Forecasts 'Raines' in March

Variety 12/17/06 NBC 'Raines' in its order

Variety 5/24/06 Int'l buyers taking NBC U's 'Raines'


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