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About Race to the Altar on NBC

On this show 16 soon-to-be-married couples will compete for a "fantasy primetime wedding" by competing in a series of challenges designed to test the strength of their relationships. Games will involve issues of teamwork, compatibility, compromise, sex, trust, honesty and coping under pressure.  In the second-to-last episode, the audience will vote interactively to determine the ultimate winning couple with the actual wedding to be conducted in the final episode.

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News Articles about NBC Networks Race to the Altar show


Reality News Online 9/15/03 Race to the Altar Finale: One Perfect Wedding

Fans of Reality TV 9/15/03 Finale, Part II: Everybody Loves a Wedding

Fans of Reality TV 9/15/03 Finale, Part I: Adieu or I Do?

TVRules 9/12/03 Race To The Altar Finale

Reality TV World 9/12/03 NBC's 'Race To The Altar' finale to air two-hour finale on September 13

NBCMV 9/11/03 'Race To The Altar' Prepares for the Final Walk Down the Aisle...

Reality News Online 9/8/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 6: Delayed Gratification

Fans of Reality TV 9/8/03 Amazing Race to the Altar

Reality News Online 9/2/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 5: Twisted Twist Ending

Fans Of Reality TV 8/31/03 Race to the Altar Ep. 5 Recap: Four Bitter or Four Worse

TVRules 8/29/03 Race To The Altar Previews

Reality News Online 8/26/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 4: Ring Tossed

Fans Of Reality TV 8/25/03 Race to the Altar Episode 4 Recap: Susan and Coyt-Us Interruptus?

Reality Reel 8/24/03 The bottom falls out for another couple

TVRules 8/19/03 Race To The Altar Moves To Saturdays

TVRules 8/16/03 Race to the Alter 8/13 Summary

Reality Reel 8/16/03 They Should Have Stayed on the Injured List

MediaFiends.com 8/16/03 One Chance But No More

Reality News Online 8/14/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 3: To Have and to Hold a Grudge

Fans Of Reality TV 8/14/03 Close Calls and Near Mrs..

Reality TV World 8/11/03 Race For The Altar - Episode 2 summary

Reality TV World 8/10/03 Race For The Altar - Episode 1 summary

Reality News online 8/11/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 2: Broken Commitments

Reality Reel 8/09/03 Broken Commitments

MediaFiends.com 8/8/03 Commiment Schommitment!

Fans Of Reality TV 8/7/03 Balls, Chains, and Commitment Pains

Reality TV World 8/5/03 'Race For The Altar' struggles in premiere, draws only 5.7 million viewers

Reality News Online 8/1/03 Race to the Altar, Episode 1: Fear of Commitment

Fans Of Reality TV 7/31/03 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

NBCMV 7/31/03 Series Premiere of 'Race To The Altar' Rings in Win Among Adults 18-49

Reality Reel 7/31/03 Race to the Altar- We're Goin' to the Chapel

TV Rules 7/31/03 Race to the Alter-Episode One: Til Death Do Us Part

Reality News Online 7/28/03 Race to the Altar – A Preview

TVRules 7/24/03 Race To The Altar Coming Wednesday, July 30

Zap2It 7/23/03 NBC Asks Couples to 'Race to the Altar'

Reality TV World 7/16/03 NBC's 'Race To The Altar' to premiere Wednesday, July 30

TVRules 7/16/03 NBC Debuts Reality Series 'Race To The Altar'

NBCMV 7/15/03 NBC Debuts Reality Series ‘Race To The Altar’ On July 30

NBCMV 4/30/03 NBC Begins Production On 'Race To The Altar'

Seattle PI 3/7/03 New reality series 'Race to the Altar' holding auditions in Seattle

Zap2It 3/5/03 NBC Wants Engaged Couples for 'Race'

Zap2It 11/15/02 Engaged Couples Will 'Race to the Altar' on NBC

Digital Spy 11/15/02 NBC announces new reality show


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