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On this ABC Network show a Federal agent travels to a small town to search for a missing $1 million. The twist is that the audience gets a chance to find and win the money first using clues from the show.


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Zap2It 11/15/02 New Jersey Man Wins Million-Dollar 'Push' Prize

Television Without Pity 10/26/02 Jim's Domain

Media Life 10/24/02 Why 'Push, Nevada' bombed so bad

Seattle PI 10/24/02 'Push' is pulled, leaving ABC free of dreaded quirkiness

Media Life 10/21/02 Why 'Push, Nevada' bombed so bad

Television Without Pity 10/20/02 S.O.S.

Zap2It 10/18/02 'Push, Nevada' Plants Final Clues

Zap2It 10/16/02 Jim Wonders if the Mystery Has Really Been Solved on the Series Finale of Push

Ad Age 10/14/02 Cancellation of Push Miffs Marketers

TV Rules 10/14/02 Push, Nevada - It's a Crazy World Jimbo (Episode 5 Summary)

Television Without Pity 10/13/02 The Letter of the Law

TVRules 10/12/02 Why Push Failed

E!Online 10/10/02 ABC Offs "Push"

Zap2It 10/10/02 'Push,' 'That Was Then' Become First Casualties of New Season

New York Daily News 10/7/02 'Push' to get shove

TVRules 10/7/2002 Push, Nevada Episode 4 Summary - Storybook Hero

TeeVee 10/7/02 Push Over

Television Without Pity 10/5/02 Storybook Hero

Television Without Pity 9/29/02 The Color Of...

Zap2It 9/24/02 Jim's Investigation Gets Him in Trouble with the Law on ABC's Push Nevada

Zap2It 9/24/02 Jim Gets a Tatoo and the Name of a Killer on ABC's Push Nevada

Pop Matters 9/23/02 Push Nevada

Television Without Pity 9/22/02 The Black Box

GQ Magazine 9/22/02 Affleck's Bizarre Show

Reality TV Fans 9/20/02 Push, Nevada - Episode 1

Television Without Pity 9/19/02 The Amount

Bay Area 9/17/02 'Push' moves TV in new direction

Washington Post 9/17/02 'Push, Nevada' Puts The Irk in Quirky

New York Daily News 9/17/02 New twist to 'pay TV'

Post Gazette 9/17/02 ABC's 'Push' is looking for armchair sleuths

Orange County Register 9/17/02 Weirdness inhabits 'Push, Nevada'

Tahoe Daily Tribune 9/17/02 'Push, Nevada will bring jackpot to couch sleuth

Media Life 9/16/02 When 'Push, Nevada' comes to shove

Bay Area 9/15/02 Try 'Push, Nevada' for the offbeat

Deseret News 9/13/02 Show should just 'Push' off

Extra TV 9/13/02 'Push, Nevada'

Zap2It 9/13/02 'Push, Nevada' Creators Will Explain Game

Post Gazette 9/9/02 'Push' promo stunt embarrasses ABC

Zap2It 7/23/01 Damon, Affleck Developing 'Push, Nevada'


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