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This ABC show will follow US military men and women for 13 weeks in half hour episodes as they travel to Afghanistan and other global hot spots in the war on terrorism.  The show has the support of the Pentagon and will feature some video from military sources.

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News Articles about ABC Networks Profiles From the Front Line


Canton Rep 3/28/03 ABC Dumps 2 Unscripted Series

Fans of Reality TV 3/15/03 Profiles from the front line: Episode 3

Washington Post 3/9/03 Putting a Face on Those Who Serve

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/03 Episode 1: The "Real" in Reality

Oakland Tribune 2/27/03 `Front Line' a questionable dose of reality

Contra Costa Times 2/27/03 'Profiles': Now that's reality TV

Dallas Morning News 2/27/03 Future of 'Profiles' tied to possible war in Iraq

Beacon Journal 2/27/03 On the `Front Line'

Chicago Tribune 2/27/03 Military gets a higher profile in ABC reality series

USA Today 2/27/03 'Profiles' finds ABC AWOL from reality

Star Ledger 2/27/03 These 'Profiles' in courage already seem outdated

Arizona Republic 2/26/03 War 'Profiles' separates real from 'reality'

LA Times 2/26/03 Will the TV factory shape a new war?

MSNBC 2/24/03 Survivor: Kandahar 2/23/03 'Profiles' shows American soldiers in Afghanistan

Zap2It 2/10/03 ABC Debuts "Profiles From The Front Line"

Zap2It 12/12/02 ABC Trims Military 'Profiles' Series

Hollywood Reporter 12/13/02 ABC scales back Bruckheimer's 'Profiles'

Washington Post 3/19/02 'Reality' TV Is Marching to the Military's Tune

E!Online 2/22/02 War's Not Hell, It's Entertainment!

Guardian 2/22/02 TV series on Afghan offensive

Army Times 2/21/02 Reality TV show to focus on military operations

New York Times 2/21/02 'Reality TV' About G.I.'s on War Duty

Gist 2/20/02 ABC Plans 'Reality' Series on U.S. Troops


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